Sample Network Administrator Interview Questions and Answers

Here are the sample interview questions and answers that network administrators need to know well. More info and tips you can find and check by yourself according to your situation.

When going for a network administrator job interview, be prepare to answer questions that are related to the technical expertise of a network administrator. Interviewers want to know if you can meet up with their technical requirements.

Network Administrator Interview Questions and Answers

Q. What type of networks are you most experienced with as a network administrator?

The answer to this question tells whether the candidate has experience with the company’s network type and if the candidate will be a good network administrator.


Some of the things you should include in your answers are your knowledge of different types of networks, experience in setting up and maintaining the network structure and general opinions about the different types of network available.

Q. What monitoring tools and approaches do you deem best.

Interviewers ask this question to know if the candidate skill will be suitable for their network setup. Even if you don’t have specific experiences, providing an answer that shows great understanding of the advantages and demerits of different tools can help your interviewer decide if you will be hired.


State all the tools you know and explain your understanding of the different types of tools. A plus is to describe your experience with cloud and locally installed network monitoring.

Q. What is your understanding of a firewall and how it is used?

Firewalls are basic tools found in any network administrator’s possession. They prevent traffic from devices based on a set criteria. The interviewer is looking for the following in your answer;

  • Security is important and firewalls are one of the basic element of security
  • Firewalls working mechanism and knowledge of deploying them


An appropriate answer is “Firewalls serves as barriers between devices. They can be hardware or software. They have improved in their functionality over the years that network administrator have utilized them better at meeting business needs. ”

Q. What are workgroups or domains?

Domains have a server to client architecture in which a centralized server sets the communication instructions. Workgroups on the other hand involve management at individual level. Each system on the network controls itself. It decides what to share with other systems in the group.


What the interviewer is looking for in your answer include;

  • Work experience with domain
  • Experience in server setup and maintenance
  • Familiarity with upgrading a workgroup to domain

An answer like this will suffice. “Workgroups are similar to peer to peer networks. I have used workgroups for personal use like gaming, however, domains are better solution. By having that central system of security and control, your risk against attacks are minimized.”