Elementary School Art Teacher Job Description

The role of an elementary school art teacher is an important one, as it is the primary responsibility of this position to facilitate the growth and understanding of the creative arts in the students in the school.

An elementary school art teacher should have a passion for art and the ability to teach children of all ages. By providing a comprehensive and meaningful art education, the elementary school art teacher has the opportunity to help young students develop their creativity, as well as their understanding of art history and art theory.

In addition to teaching art, the elementary school art teacher also has the responsibility of providing a safe and positive learning environment for the students.

This can include providing resources and materials to support the students’ learning, as well as helping to foster a positive attitude toward art and its appreciation.

The following job description outlines the scope of an elementary school art teacher, including qualifications, duties, and responsibilities.

Elementary School Art Teacher Job Description [Sample#1]

  • Participate in professional development for teachers and incorporate ongoing research into classroom instruction
  • Create lesson plans and assessments with measurable objectives to stimulate a wide range of learning styles
  • Educate students about values, ethics, and society, and collaborate regularly with students and parents
  • Recognize gifted students and provide appropriate enrichment opportunities
  • Create and maintain a safe, clean, healthy learning environment
  • Work with administration to plan professional development opportunities for teachers
  • Maintain a professional appearance and demeanor consistent with district policy, and adhere to District guidelines, regulations, and rules
  • Maintain appropriate records and/or files
  • Perform other related duties as assigned

Elementary School Art Teacher Job Description [Sample#2]

  • Plan, develop, implement, and evaluate elementary art program in accordance with school curriculum
  • Maintain and update art room facilities and equipment
  • Provide instruction to students using textbooks, journals, curriculum guides, manipulative materials, and audiovisual aids
  • Develop, adjust, and maintain lesson plans for art classes
  • Conduct class tests, observe student performance and progress, and notify parents of student progress
  • Prepare and deliver progress reports to students and parents in accordance with program guidelines
  • Work with parents to develop and implement individual plans for students’ special educational needs
  • Participate in school, district, and state committees, meetings, and events

Elementary School Art Teacher Job Description [Sample#3]

  • Design curriculum to meet state and local standards, manage assignments and grading, and plan lessons to ensure maximum student participation
  • Prepare in advance for each class, including lesson development, planning, and distribution of materials
  • Design lesson plans and class activities, and manage classroom equipment
  • Provide individual remedial education services to students with special needs
  • Develop collaborative relationships with parents and other school personnel
  • Maintain classroom supplies and equipment, including lesson plans, reference materials, arts and crafts supplies, and instructional materials
  • Maintain student records, grades, and other data

Teaching art to elementary school students is a challenging but rewarding job. It requires a special blend of creativity and patience, as well as a deep understanding of the developmental needs of children.

An elementary school art teacher must be committed to inspiring and motivating their students, and have the ability to recognize and nurture their artistic talents.

With the right approach, this job can be an incredibly rewarding experience, both for the teacher and their students.