What is a flight attendant job responsibilities?

As an flight attendant, you would be in charge of going about as a minister between the carrier you work for and its clients, by guaranteeing the solace and security of travelers during their flight.

As a result of the restrictions of what the overall population can see, there might be a confusion that airline stewards are just in charge of serving beverages to travelers and directing scripted security shows.

While these are without a doubt significant capacities, the activity of guaranteeing the security and solace of travelers really conveys a lot of obligation. The best of which is to help travelers in case of a crisis.

Flight Attendant Duties and Responsibilities

  • Playing out all guideline lodge obligations preceding flight
  • Guaranteeing all norms are met and travelers consent to FAA arrangements
  • Welcome travelers and helping them on the plane
  • Checking traveler tickets and visas
  • Helping pilots in flight when required
  • Training travelers on all crisis strategies and hardware; working all crisis exits
  • Serving sustenance and drinks to travelers
  • Helping travelers in stowing things
  • Displaying inflight deals and carrier advancements
  • Clarifying custom structures and going out expected administrative work to travelers
  • Keeping up a spotless lodge

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Has solid relational and relational abilities
  • Brilliant individual introduction, picture, and style
  • Secondary school degree or equal; or important work understanding
  • Must be 21 years old at time of business
  • Willing to work occasions, evenings, and ends of the week
  • Ready to peruse and talk easily in English
  • Physically ready to stand and move during the length of move; ready to curve and bow through move
  • Ready to push, draw, and lift articles as much as 70 pounds; ready to push, force, and move drink truck (as much as 250 pounds); ready to breeze through a swimming test
  • Exacting adherence to aircraft theory, statement of purpose, and arrangements
  • Ready to pass a FAA required 10-year work history survey and pass criminal foundation and unique mark checks; willing to submit to and pass FAA arbitrary medication and liquor tests
  • Lawfully approved to work in the US and with a substantial international ID or travel archive permitting free exits and passages into the US (various section status)
  • Must meet European Aviation Safety Agency principles (Europe’s equal to the Federal Aviation Administration)
  • Fruitful finishing of Flight Attendant Training Program

Resume Tips for Flight Attendants

To have an effective vocation as an airline steward, there are sure abilities that enlisting chiefs know to search for. Take stock of these significant characteristics and accentuate them in your resume:

  • Solid relational abilities, particularly verbal
  • Cleaned and expert appearance
  • Strong relational abilities
  • Astounding time the board
  • Incredible tender loving care
  • Compromise abilities
  • Undivided attention
  • Very upright