Real Estate Agent Resume Sample

Real Estate Agent Resume Sample

Real Estate Agent Resume Sample and Required Skills

Real Estate Agent Job Description

Estate agents oversee the valuations, sales and rentals of property. They are typically employed or hired on a contract basis by estate / property firms or consultancies. For agents with sufficient experience, self-employment is an option as principle employment or a way to make additional income. Much of the work entails communication with prospective property buyers, sellers and other organizations such as mortgage companies or leasing firms. As such, the ability to establish rapport and communicate effectively is essential. Real estate agents are tasked with property valuations, preparing sales brochures and marketing properties through the use of brochures. They may also be responsible for monitoring property sales, managing rental properties for the property owner, and negotiating the sale of property between two parties. The work requires extra hours outside of the office in order to conduct property valuations and provide viewings to interested buyers. Salaries in this field are often augmented through bonuses and commission dependent on the amount of sales. There are some promotional prospects, with opportunities for managerial and specialist roles. There is moderate competition for vacancies.

Qualifications and training required

A degree is not always required for entry into the profession, but having relevant experience and/or an educational background in an appropriate subject such as surveying, property management, business studies, construction or architecture is helpful. Work in the service sector or experience gained in sales and/or customer service is advantageous.

Key Skills Should Be Considered While Writing A Real Estate Agent Resume

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Interpersonal and teamwork skills
  • Strong sales and negotiation skills
  • Good business sense
  • Ability to navigate schedules effectively
  • Ability to be personable and establish good rapport
  • Knowledge of residential as well as commercial building codes and enforcement


Good Real Estate Agent Resume Sample

[Street, City, State, Zip] | [Phone] [Email Address]


Real estate professional with many years of residential sales experience. Demonstrated success in marketing residential sales programs, promotions, and campaigns. Expert at using Web technology to attract a targeted market segment. Ability to contact buyers and sellers quickly through an extensive, well-maintained network of contacts. Specialist in historic restorations.


Swift Properties and Management

  • Founded single proprietorship focused on upscale, historic, single-family dwellings. Developed personalized marketing campaigns. Grew and nurtured network of colleagues, former clients, and business associates.
  • Linked new home owners to restoration experts when needed.
  • Personally guided prospective home owners through neighborhoods to illustrate the range of historic dwellings on the market.
  • Designed the use of websites with full 360-degree virtual tours to market homes.

Highland Real Estate

  • Coordinated and directed the management of a portfolio of 160 properties, with responsibility for marketing and selling surplus real estate. Served as the real estate liaison between internal corporate headquarters’ staff and external brokerage firms.


2004 – 2008 Bachelor of Science in Marketing
California State University

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Real Estate Agent Resume Sample

Real Estate Broker Resume Sample

Real Estate Broker Resume Sample and Required Skills

Real estate brokers own or manage real estate agency that deals with buying and selling property in general. Most times Real Estate Broker set up their institutions and work for their growth, while some work in partnership with an insurance company or investment firm.

Real Estate Broker acts as a link between the producer or the owner and the customer. Creates a sale of assets, set the price for it and helps the client to find a buyer for their property. For this, the Real Estate Broker gets some brokerage in the price that they had made a contract with the customer. History of education, well-written does not carry much weight. Here, the employer is concerned about the ability of employees to have a good relationship with its customers.

Real Estate Broker is to find sellers who want to sell their property. Negotiating sales and rental properties, commercial houses. They help their clients sell their properties at the highest possible rate. Once completed, the broker receives a percentage of the transaction value as their commission.

In the property sector, companies are only after what people could see and what they think to buy. Also, before appointing someone as real estate brokers, employers would like to confirm that they can compete killer job.

It is the duty of the commercial real estate brokers to help their clients at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and have a strong background in sales. These will help increase the value of their property before selling to get a lot of benefits.

Key Skills List of Real Estate Broker

  • Possess excellent marketing style
  • Excellent ability to work in a competitive environment
  • A deep ability to provide excellence in customer service
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong ability to understand the financial aspects of the job

Real Estate Broker Resume Sample

James H. Shelton
(Address, Contact Info)

Job Objective:

To work as a commercial real estate broker in a company where my knowledge of asset management can see the growth of the customer database and profits.

Summary of Skills:

  • Excellent presentation skills, sales, marketing, networking, and communications
  • Thorough knowledge of commercial real estate and rights
  • Familiar with the process of procurement of loans for the construction and commercial mortgages
  • The ability to plan for staff interviews, training and incentives for new staff
  • Excellent organizational and planning skills
  • Strong ability to handle administrative work independently and to work outside of office hours
  • Ability to work with priorities and deadlines


Real Estate Broker
ABC Corporation, Chicago, IL
2012 – present

  • Developing marketing strategies to increase the list of commercial real estate.
  • Visiting local zoning office for information about packages.
  • Developing and using cold calling, sales networks, telemarketing and advertising media to bring buyers, sellers, and financial institution.
  • Taking a mediator to helps the final operations.
  • Maintaining and updating the database taxes zoning maps.
  • Know customers and organize a trip to the page.
  • Staying in touch with market trends and identify new investment opportunities in commercial sites.

Real Estate Broker
XYZ Properties Group, Chicago, IL
2009 – 2012

  • Advertised for customers for rental and sale of commercial real estate.
  • Showed tenants the properties of their needs.
  • Organized Exhibition facing broker property.
  • Coordinated with the banks to finance commercial projects.
  • Negotiated on the terms and with customers.
  • Collected deposits and regular payments for leased assets.


Bachelors’ Degree in Business Administration
University of Illinois, Chicago, IL

Reference: Available on request.

***This is only the real estate broker resume sample that we present to you to build it by yourself. Good luck and get the right job soon.

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Leasing Agent Resume Sample

Professional Leasing Agent Resume Sample

Leasing Agent Resume Sample and Required Skills

Leasing Agent helps people in renting housing in their desired location. Leasing Agent is mostly working for the community and property owners. They make sure that the units of apartments occupied throughout the year, using their marketing and advertising skills. Someone who is interested in working in this post must have a sales and communication skills. Also, it is also necessary to educate the agents of the law on fair housing and real estate license

Leasing agents are considered to be “medium” and create a bridge between the creditor and the debtor or properties. They must have excellent knowledge of all real estate and their operating parameters, and if they work in the long distance of the city, they also need to know the properties in the towns and surrounding areas. Working as a Leasing Agent, you must have an excellent understanding of customer service and property research related markets.

Working as a Leasing Agent requires you to be an excellent communicator. You must be able to bring the features of life, emphasizing its positive attributes and minimizing negative. You need to be extremely well-versed in handling comparisons between different properties to ensure that the market adapted to the specific tastes of each client.

In addition, working as a Leasing Agent you must possess knowledge of the laws of the foundation of the building, rules and regulations have to be very well endowed because you will do a lot of paperwork.

Skills List of Leasing Agent

  • Negotiation and persuasion to win customers and achieve success in tenders
  • Reliable confident and outgoing gain and reassuring manner
  • Commercial awareness and the ability to achieve sales targets
  • Excellent communication skills to establish contacts with a variety of professional contacts
  • Service access to keep customers happy
  • Determination, perseverance, and patience
  • Understanding marketing techniques in order to help the real estate market
  • Computer skills.

Leasing Agent Resume Sample

Lorene M. Bessette
Address and Contact Info

Career Objective:

Leasing Agent position in an apartment community where my years of experience will ensure that all units are occupied all year round by residents who own background and paying monthly rent regularly.

Summary of Skills:

  • Excellent customer service skills and sales expertise
  • Expert in office organization, account management, lease editorial and sales presentations
  • Property Management Master and achieve the sales target
  • Has a good reputation with media companies
  • Knowledge of current rental rates in different places in the city
  • Experienced interview potential tenants, according to the review of Apartments
  • Ability to handle maintenance and collect the rent
  • Knowledge of fair housing laws and valid real estate license container
  • Professional honest, competent, creative and sales-oriented

Work Experience:

Leasing Agent
ABC Properties, Quincy, MA
June 2013 – Present
Responsibilities and Duties

  • Advertising vacant houses in the newspaper and on the website of the apartment complex.
  • Congratulating, interviewing potential tenants and filter and perform background checks.
  • Recording telephone conversion and personal meetings with prospects.
  • Arranging a visit tour of the flats to tenants.
  • Talk to the residents of changes in the unit love.
  • Checking the property and fix related to plumbing, electrical, leaks, etc. difficulties.
  • Regularly collect rent and maintain a register of resident files.
  • Attending and resolving complaints of tenants.
  • Working with the landlord in the area of housing.
  • Keeping the rental property.
  • Change policy in the apartment complex, where appropriate.

Leasing Agent
XYZ Properties, Quincy, MA
October 2011 – May 2013
Responsibilities Handled

  • Helped the agency to meet up to 150 units of apartments, shops, and offices.
  • Participated in the tenant service requests and completed quickly.
  • Ensured that all maintenance work is carried out under supervision with great satisfaction.
  • Maintained regular communication with the property manager and maintenance supervisor.
  • Planned community and cultural programs for the entertainment of passengers.
  • Contributed to outreach marketing ideas.
  • Realization of market research and studied the competitive real estate agency procedures for work.
  • Kept up with changing Rentals laws.
  • Detailed records of occupied and unoccupied flats.


High School Diploma
ABC High School, Quincy, MA, 2009
Certified Leasing Agent

Reference: Available on Request.

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Property Manager Resume Sample

Property Manager Resume Sample

Property Manager Resume Sample and Required Skills

Property Manager is directly responsible for the commercial activities of the business, marketing, and analysis of information. The management of the acquisition of property, advising clients and preparing periodic reports.

Property Manager takes care of the management of the name of the property. Usually, they act as a liaison between landlords and tenants and to take responsibility, such as maintenance, leasing and other legal issues, recruitment, training and supervision of staff for maintenance of the property; Paying bills, collecting revenue tenants and related functions.

Employers prefer candidates with a degree in management and experience of the property. The candidate must have the appropriate technical legal knowledge with skills such as communication, multitasking, and coordination.

The owner is in charge of the immovable property for tuition when the owner is not able to respond individually to these details or do not pay attention.

Work features include expulsion or find and dealing with tenants, home repairs, cleaning, gardening, remodeling, landscaping, snow removal, etc., to be managed by the owner wants.

Property Manager has primary responsibility for the owner and less responsibility of tenants. The relationship that is important in the formation of expectations on both sides Property Manager with the landlord and tenant demand and expects certain benefits.

Skills List of Property Manager

  • Interpersonal skills, relationships and building networks;
  • Procurement and negotiation;
  • The ability to multi-task and priority load;
  • Time management skills;
  • Project management skills;
  • Research skills and the ability to download information from a variety of sources, including humans;
  • Clear and concise writing skills and ability to handle large and complex documents;
  • Team spirit and the ability to lead and motivate others;
  • Computer skills;
  • Practical, flexible and innovative work.

Property Manager Resume Sample

Herbert K. Hernandez
(Address, Contact Info)


Performance Summary: Property Manager dedicated to the more than 9 years of experience in managing relationships with tenants, property inspection and determination of properties. Talent in the preparation of annual budgets and asset management of delinquent accounts, in accordance with facility protocol. A strong track record of successfully setting financial goals with the desire to work in the best interest of the owner.

  • Qualified to provide constant communication between the vendor and contractor regarding the certificate of planning, billing, and insurance
  • Deeply familiar with the activities of human resource management, such as recruitment and training of staff and conducting continuous training for the achievement of operational goals estate
  • Experienced in initiating and implementing policies and procedures to maintain communication with residents, including service requests and complaints


Property Manager (7/2011 to Present)
ABC Housing Management, Miami, FL

  • Pass (and within the parameters of dignity) to evict a resident who has not paid rent for over six months, and has refused to leave the apartment.
  • Increasing interest in the building by local aggressive local marketing, resulting in higher occupancy apartments.
  • Training, guiding and directing staff to meet the needs of the child care building inhabitants operational, accounting.
  • Establishing an annuity based on market prices by conducting detailed research.
  • Managing and controlling of assets, including the systems, procedures, annual exams, and placement.
  • Attracting tenants who performed a series of marketing activities and get recommendations from current tenants.
  • Collecting income on those dates and ensure that all invoices are paid promptly.

Property Manager (5/2005 to 7/2011)
XYZ Company, Miami, FL

  • Introduced the concept of “model house,” which increases the interest of potential people in the apartments.
  • Trained and installed all the staff for a residential building just in time for its opening.
  • Inspected property to ensure their safety and to report adverse events, such as the entry or signs of forced vandalism.
  • Managed maintenance of building systems through employment and/or contracts of staff for maintenance and repair.
  • Kept the calculations to ensure that all operational work was done within the limits of the financial envelope.


Florida State University, Miami, FL – 2004
Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

REFERENCES: Available on request

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Credit Analyst Resume Sample

Professional Credit Analyst Resume Sample

Credit Analyst Resume Sample – Credit analyst is a specialist area of financial risk analysis. Credit analysts (a.k.a. credit risk analysts) are tasked with assessing and evaluating the risk of companies making financial loans proposals to retail and commercial customers. Sometimes these guys might be responsible for providing expert guidance on credit risks linked with large-scale corporate lending schemes, which involve millions and millions of pounds. If you enter this profession, you’ll be reviewing and analyzing financial statements, annual reports, management accounts, profit and loss statements, cash and asset inventories, financial data updates from Reuters and other relevant information made available by market research agencies.

Job Duties of Credit Analysts

  • Analyze credit data and financial statements to determine the degree of risk involved in extending credit or lending money.
  • Prepare reports that include the degree of risk involved in extending credit or lending money.
  • Evaluate customer records and recommend payment plans based on earnings, savings data, payment history, and purchase activity.
  • Confer with credit association and other business representatives to exchange credit information.
  • Complete loan applications, including credit analyses and summaries of loan requests, and submit to loan committees for approval.
  • Generate financial ratios, using computer programs, to evaluate customers’ financial status.
  • Review individual or commercial customer files to identify and select delinquent accounts for collection.
  • Compare liquidity, profitability, and credit histories of establishments being evaluated with those of similar establishments in the same industries and geographic locations.
  • Consult with customers to resolve complaints and verify financial and credit transactions.


  • Assess creditworthiness of existing or prospective clients
  • Examine financial transactions and credit history case by case (applications, statements, balance sheets, legal documents etc)
  • Complete ratio, trend and cash flows analyses and create projections
  • Deliver a multidimensional perspective on the investment outlook in an accessible and informative manner
  • Determine in depth the degree of risk involved
  • Carefully analyse data and produce clear and objective reports
  • Routinely monitor loans for compliance
  • Adhere to credit policy and guidelines
  • Monitor corporate portfolio asset quality on an ongoing basis
  • Draft models of credit information that predict trends and patterns


  • Proven working experience as a credit analyst
  • Proficiency in statistical packages and financial software
  • Up to date with legal, compliance and market risk related issues
  • Ability to analyze cash flows, leverage, collateral and customer strength
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Sound judgement
  • BS degree in Business, Statistics or related field

Credit Analyst Resume Sample

Street, City, State, Zip | Phone Email Address


Experienced Credit Analyst skilled in risk analysis for all types of banks and other lending institutions. Proven experience in assessment of creditworthiness of client companies. Wide background in financial information analysis including cash flow records and management accounts. Strong current knowledge of compliance and legal issues involved in credit approval.


  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Strong facilitation and negotiation skills
  • Adept at managing multiple projects simultaneously
  • Strong sense of urgency and pro-activity
  • Strong teamwork skills across multiple departments
  • Excellent quantitative and qualitative problem-solving skills


ABC Credit Trust Dublin, OH (2015 – Present)

  • Effectively assessed credit risk and (current and potential) client viability, analyzing financial statements and cash flow of customers.
  • Performed (quantitative and qualitative) analysis of requests for loans and lines of credit.
  • Provided customer service support and professional financial guidance.
  • Prepared written credit-approvals and denials.

Additional performances

  • Fostered productive relationships with both internal and external clients.
  • Maintained effective liaisons with in-company department members: account managers and product specialists.
  • Initiated changes in credit policies – Ensured policies and procedures accorded with department’s standards.


University of Phoenix Associates of Arts in Business Management (2008 – 2012)

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Loan Officer Resume Sample

Professional Loan Officer Resume Sample

Loan Officer Resume Sample and Required Skills


The loan officer has to deal with a lot of people throughout the day; they have to interact with them and even have to hear their pleas for a loan. However, they cannot give loan to just about anyone and to get loan from a bank, one needs to have a good credit background. Ever since the housing sector collapsed, there has been a sharp fall in jobs of loan officers, because of the strictness of the jobs, but the economy has recovered and people are flocking towards this profession again.

Job Duties of Loan Officer

  • Evaluates loan applications and documentation by confirming credit worthiness.
  • Improves loan applications and documentation by informing applicant of additional requirements.
  • Rejects loans by explaining deficiencies to applicants.
  • Approves loans by issuing checks or forwarding applications to loan committee.
  • Completes loan contracts by explaining provisions to applicant; obtaining signatures and notarization; collecting fees.
  • Helps customers by answering questions; responding to requests.
  • Maintains customer confidence by keeping loan information confidential.
  • Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations.
  • Accomplishes bank mission by completing related results as needed.


  • Evaluate credit worthiness by processing loan applications and documentation within specified limits
  • Interview applicants to determine financial eligibility and feasibility of granting loans
  • Determine all applicable rations and metrics and set up debt payment plans
  • Communicate with clients either to request or to provide information
  • Justify decisions (approvals/rejections) and report on them
  • Complete loan contracts and counsel clients on policies and restrictions
  • Update job knowledge on types of loans and other financial services
  • Maintain and update account records
  • Assess customer needs, explore all options and introduce different types of loans
  • Develop referral networks, suggest alternate channels and cross-sell products and services to accomplish quotas
  • Go the “extra mile” to build trust relationships, customer loyalty and satisfaction throughout the underwriting process
  • Operate in compliance with laws and regulations and adhere to lending compliance guidelines

Loan Officer Resume Sample

Street, City, State, Zip | Phone Email Address


A talented and self-motivated Loan Officer who has a track record of generating revenues through the sale of loan products and services. Maxine is an expert at helping customers to achieve their financing needs and simultaneously increasing a company’s loan portfolio. She has superior communication skills and will always provide customers with the highest level of service in all interactions. As a true professional she will always comply with proper credit administration practices and is someone who is willing to be the primary point of contact between a customer and bank throughout the entire loan process. Her key strengths include being able to meet sales objectives in a fast-paced environment, and identifying opportunities to cross-sell financial products and services. Right now she is looking for a suitable position with a company that offers competitive pay, staff training opportunities and a fulfilling career path.


  • Updated knowledge of the banking laws and loan processing regulations
  • Familiar with the loan procedures and eligibility requirements
  • Excellent documents management abilities and reporting skills
  • Ability to update records and keep track of the loan files in process
  • Skilled at maintaining constant communication and coordination with clients


  • Competent in working with MS Office Suite and use MS Excel to maintain data, MS Word to draft correspondence and other software to manage work on routine basis.


ADED Convey (January 2010 – present)
Responsible for assisting prospective and current borrowers with their credit needs.

  • Confirming an applicant’s credit worthiness.
  • Researching lenders to find the lowest rate possible for a loan.
  • Evaluating an applicant’s credit needs.
  • Explaining repayment plans to customers.
  • Maintaining effective communications with customers throughout the loan process.
  • Involved in marketing campaigns to attract new mortgage loan applications.
  • Verifying information to determine if a loan is an acceptable risk.
  • Building up a quality network of business relationships.
  • Filling in loan documentation and paperwork.
  • Providing an array of financial services to individuals and small businesses.
  • Negotiating loan terms and conditions with customers and lenders.
  • Evaluating loan applications.
  • Giving advice to clients who are experiencing financial problems and behind with their repayments.
  • Working out loan payment schedules.
  • Supervising the work of loan personnel.
  • Adhering to all relevant policies and procedures.
  • When necessary contacting applicants and asking for additional documentation.
  • Answering queries and questions from loan applicants.
  • Keeping all customer information confidential.


  • Underwriting loans
  • Credit risk management
  • Mortgage operations
  • Loan applications
  • Equity loans


Central Birmingham University – Business Degree (2003 – 2007)

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