45 Great Summary Statement Examples for Resumes

45 Great Summary Statement Examples for Resumes

What is a Resume Summary Statement? How is it important for your resume profile?

The summary of the resume statement is a short list or few sentences at the top of your resume (after your contact information) highlighting your job qualifications. Also known as a summary of qualifications, the summary gives the employee at first glance the synopsis of your professional qualification.

Resume summary statements /career objectives were culled from 30 different resume.

  1. Highlighting the position of a Bartender that will allow me to explore my bartender skills and find innovative types offer drinks at the bar and provide excellent customer service to clients in a live reputation hotel.
  2. Facility Manager with a history of successful manager in the management of facilities, goods, and sophisticated resources and maintain high standards of maintenance and history of customer service.
  3. An energetic, adaptable and flexible individual which applies exceptional communication skills to manage all flight activities and procedures, equipment of flight to the attention of passengers.
  4. Food service worker and a highly experienced and efficient food service, capable of performing repetitive routine and prepare food according to instructions leader and kitchen tasks.
  5. Leasing Agent position in an apartment community where my years of experience will ensure that all units are occupied all year round by residents who own background and paying monthly rent regularly.
  6. Looking for a position of McDonald’s worker with McDonald Sycamore, where my customer service skills and my exceptional skills will be entirely used for the growth of the organization and satisfaction of clients.
  7. Property Manager dedicated to the more than 9 years of experience in managing relationships with tenants, property inspection and determination of properties. Talent in the preparation of annual budgets and asset management of delinquent accounts, in accordance with facility protocol.
  8. To work as a commercial real estate broker in a company where my knowledge of asset management can see the growth of the customer database and profits.
  9. Result-oriented, fast and passionate, with 8 years of experience in providing quality services for individual clients at a reputable restaurant. Verifiable record greeting foundation, providing menus, taking orders and transmit the same to the kitchen. Known to exceed customer expectations, ensure professional behavior and light humor. Proven experience in order to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of control.
  10. Professional success boosted and enthusiastic with over six year’s experience in the travel agency tours and business trips. An excellent reputation in dealing with competition in a team environment. A strong sense of urgency and flexibility to change and adapt as desired. Excellent ability to multitask during peak season and anticipate customer needs refined listening skills.
  11. Travel consultant friendly and flexible with excellent skills in customer service and successful experience to help clients find offers packages and provide a competitive and profitable journey. Highly qualified anticipate customer needs and plan trips accordingly. Resolve creative problem which emphasizes the place of sales to increase revenue.
  12. A waitress and friendly customer service oriented with seven years of first-hand experience in catering and hospitality. Service is very competent in interaction with users, menus and food presentation and mix and drinks on request. Evidence of improved customer satisfaction and customer relationships in the label overall exposure to high-quality catering.
  13. Compassionate, kind and careful ER nurse with extensive experience in crisis situations. Proven team player with strong organizational, problem-solving and decision-making skills. Suitable for proactively, restore the patient’s needs and guide them to various medical procedures. Proven ability to use the skills of effective communication with patients, staff and interdisciplinary relations.
  14. Kindergarten Teacher with a strong emphasis and energetic student teachers with more than ten year’s experience in the planning, organization and implementation of an educational program. Has been observed, evaluated, promoted and provide feedback on performance and development of students. Maintain discipline in accordance with the rules and disciplinary school systems.
  15. Very focused and disciplined techniques with practical experience of over 8 years in the laboratory. Well versed in the implementation of laboratory tests to determine reliable results in support of medical research. Hands on experience in coordinating the preparation of culture and chemicals for testing.
  16. Manager of highly qualified medical office, talented and skilled with diverse experience in the design, organization, guide and monitor the health service centers. Searching to work as Medical Office Manager using my skills and abilities to work in a reputable health organization.
  17. Experienced medical institutions receptionist with excellent skills, performs superlatively and under the massive influx of patients. Some of the personal qualifications include:
  18. Effectively offers services of reception of patients and medical staff, using effective communication skills and organization style.
  19. Recognized by extroverted and impressive personality; Achieved high levels of quality service.
  20. Ability to manage stressful situations effectively.
  21. Run multiple tasks simultaneously.
  22. Thorough knowledge of medical terminology medicines and medical jargon.
  23. Bilingual – English and Spanish.
  24. Practical experience in computers – MS Office and DB of the hospital.
  25. Dedicated professional and analytical with more than seven year’s experience in managing laboratory services with accuracy and precision. Very skilled in the work equipment and chemicals used in specific tests. Profound ability to provide services relating to surgical pathology, hematology, coagulation, blood banks and other related advisory services.
  26. Hard-working Operating Room Nurse and well prepared enjoys being part of the surgical team, is considered ethical, and accurate resource for complex decisions.
  27. Superior results and improve performance by building a strong physician and successful relationship with the work of medical staff.
  28. There is no greater joy and satisfaction than to create and nurture young minds. With a passion for introducing children under five years in the world of education and help them to take the first step toward acclimating society, I want to work as a kindergarten teacher in an educational group and develop the future education of children.
  29. Very capable Radiologic Technologist with years of experience in the development of radiological films clinical diagnosis, such as regular diagnostic procedures in accordance with the policy, protocol and departmental procedures and raise standards of practice.
  30. Registered Nurse with high performance and dedicated with over twelve years of experience in various medical interprofessional team and proven in the collective provision of the patients at the center of environment care. Committed to high standards of practice and expertise in the defense of patients’ cardiovascular care, assessment of patients, emphasizing pre and postoperative, sorting, education counseling/health of the patient and family training and management of medical staff.
  31. Resourceful and motivated with more than ten years of experience in providing health care of patients in various medical specification.
  32. The ability to perform – assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation of health care.
  33. Organizational skills – the ability to establish priorities, teamwork.
  34. Critical Thinker – See, learn and share medical knowledge to provide optimal health care.
  35. A challenging position that will enhance/increase nursing skills and medical knowledge; Maximize capacity as a nurse.
  36. To serve in a veterinarian workplace, my pet veterinary skills and surgical experience will contribute to the development of organizations and medical facilities.
  37. Professional investment experience with over 10 years of progressive experience in the banking/investment sector. The main areas of expertise: FX, Treasury and Capital Markets International, trade, management and implementation of policies, risk control, complex marketing, market segmentation, Creation and Syndication Bonds International private banking, financial planning and business development.
  38. Wide legal experience with over 10 year’s experience in business transactions and litigation. The combination of business and practice of law firm working with the various business organizations. strong written and verbal skills, combined with excellent research skills.
  39. Legal Secretary with special communication skills and polished technical skills. Exposing deep knowledge of legal terminology and the corresponding rigid protocol.
  40. Detailed legal secretary with extensive knowledge about the legal management of the industry and office. Organized and efficient with the ability to learn new processes quickly.
  41. A police officer with a reliable vehicle designed to saving lives, increase community safety and crime reduction.
  42. Motivated policeman committed to serve and protect its citizens from crime and dangerous activities. Thorough training in conflict prevention and crisis.
  43. A very effective means towards the direction of top police and mentoring junior officers. Believes that the willingness to learn and focus on teamwork are the essential characteristics of officials responsible for law enforcement.
  44. Looking for a Lifeguard position to utilize my expertise in swimming, dedication to provide safety to swimmers and skills in planning aquatic recreational activities.
  45. Outstanding professional who has always found a sales opportunity where others saw nothing. The passion for making customers successful and comes with an established way to consider ideas to its customers improves their business capacity. An energetic person with a strong sense of urgency, which also has a keen sense of business and proven strong bottom line. Having a long history of successful prospecting, cold calling and new business development, someone who can actually create and increase revenue.

When drafting a summary statement summary, be sure to provide specific information on how to add value to companies and help transform departments or organizations.

These resume career summary examples will show the employment manager that you will be assets to their organization.

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The Resume with Headline and Example

Resume with Headline

Headlines in newspapers and internet articles attract attention. The same is true for your resume, with the headline written below your name and contact details to best describe your skills and career achievements. This, then, catches the reader’s eye and ensures that your resume stands out from the others.

Here is the resume example with headline


74 Chongqings Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 10008, Taiwan (R.O.C)

Mobile 604 731 2458 E-mail [email protected]


Expert at developing strong customer relationships, delivering superior service while maximizing business promotions and opportunities

PROFESSIONAL CAREER                                                                          

Senior Retail Banking Executive (2010 – Present)

Kongloon Merchant Bank, Taipei City 13472

Responsibilities included the underwriting of all customer loans and sales related finance. Instituted new direction for growth and profit awareness through progressive and innovative strategies to modernize Kongloon’s networking capability. Turned a five-year reversal trend around after the financial crisis to generate new market opportunities, increasing sales and earning the respect of her superiors. Trained and groomed subordinates effortlessly through on the job instruction

Retail Banking Manager (2004 – 2010)

Utopia Banking and Trust Taipei City 14798                                                                                      

Managed both sales and transactions, and supervised in-house branch operations. Developed new policies and procedures to increase performance and output, utilizing social media to expand public banking awareness of deposit facilities.

Graduate Trainee Retail Banking (2002 – 2004)

Acquired a firm grounding in all related banking aspects of teller transactions, new account opening and customer inquiries


MBA in Business Administration (1998 – 2001)

National Taipei University

Awarded the Gold Star for outstanding project work                      

Resume Example with Summary of Qualifications

Resume with Summary of Qualifications

An example of a resume with a summary statement is given below. The summary is designed to provide a concise list of qualifications and experience which allows the reader to quickly assess your professional suitability for your desired position.

Her is the resume example including a summary statement


108 Scotstown Road, Edinburgh Scotland, UK

E-mail [email protected] Mobile 0167423689


Fifteen years’ involvement in all aspects of web development applications with expertise in targeting customers, client analyses and designing structural requirements within budget. Learned the trade from the bottom up, operating within tightly scheduled timeframes. Visualizes the capabilities of a website from creation to operation, with constant fine-tuning and modification to achieve maximum impact.


Knowledge of Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and diverse languages including HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, XHTAL, PHP and CSS with competent data management. Experienced operator of modern tools and utility frameworks of the many web design programs now available as Illustrator, Distiller WS, Apache, Dreamweaver and IIS to name but a few.


Marketing Manager (2010 – Present)

Dreamline Enterprizes Inc. (www.dreamline.com)

  • Created database designs using PHP and MySQL
  • Expanded navigational memes using JavaScript
  • Liaised with both Advertizing and Marketing Departments to promote product availability and usage through Social Media applications
  • Initiated e-commerce as ‘log on’ shopping cart websites

Web Developer (2006 – 2010)

Acrobat Inc. (www.acrobat.com)

As a project team member, updated and developed company websites to increase traffic specializing  in design simplicity through data-driven graphics using ASP, Adobe Photoshop and SQL

Resume Example Including a Branding Statement

Resume Example Including a Branding Statement

Resume Including a Branding Statement

One of the latest trends in resume design involves the use of a personal branding statement to draw the reader’s attention. A branding statement should be brief and memorable – no more than 15 words – and should represent your unique qualities and expertise. You can add the depth and details in a longer summary statement later on.

Writing a good branding statement isn’t necessarily simple, so try to follow these guidelines. Your goal is to stand out from other candidates, so you have to differentiate yourself by specifying the skills, experience or other qualities which make you unique. You should also try to show how you can deliver results for an employer in your target industry. You may need to tailor your branding statement to fit the position you’re applying for to make sure it precisely hits the mark.

Before you start to write, make a list of all your key achievements which are related to the job you want. Think about the personal characteristics and attributes you applied in producing those accomplishments. Then consider the job you’re applying for and look for the ways in which the qualities you’ve listed will be relevant to that role.

Now think about your strengths, and summarize them with three or four key adjectives. Then you can fit these adjectives into your statement, imbuing it with the true essence of the value you can bring to your desired role.

Here is an example of the resume including a branding statement


Manchester, England

Mobile 01 747 263 7421 E-mail [email protected]

MARKETING DIRECTOR  with expertise in Brand Strategy Management

Proven success in business and program development utilizing partnerships to sustain and promote branding

A mature executive with a strong and effective track record to generate and motivate start-up companies to deliver maximum potential. Quickly identifies weaknesses in the overall set-up by viewing the business plan as a whole to plug information gaps and manage solutions. Steadies the ship in unsure waters through integrated and sure-footed guidance in the varied techniques of collaboration, motivation and direction required in modern high-growth environments. A mixed portfolio of experiences through previous high-powered positions including telecommunications, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, IT, advertising and non-profit making government organizations.


  • Marketing strategy and account management
  • Effective integrated communication
  • IT and e-business
  • Branding using social media outlets
  • Customer databases and information acquisition


Unilever Corporation (2012 – Present)

Marketing Consultant

Developed, coordinated and consolidated marketing ideas and strategies within the organization to promote and streamline planning communication, technology and project sustainability. Restructured the marketing and sales teams to deliver acceptable and timely information through a simplified reporting structure to positively identify brand positioning.

Modified company communications and updated e-applications in real time – for quick analysis and correction of inefficiencies. Designed new web content with site design engineers and clients to push branding to a new level through social media applications

Marketing Director (2008 – 2012)

Old Trafford Retail Co., Ltd.

Gave direction to a failing corporate organization to increase sales market share and provide both initiative and growth through customer acquisition and retention. Suggested and brokered strategic partnerships with other local similar businesses to generate more attractive deals with larger market shareholdings, thereby reducing costs and increasing profit margins. Created a novel project ideology by identifying new business opportunities and sourcing customers while always overseeing new ventures through to completion.

Resume Example with Accomplishments Section

Resume Including Accomplishments

The example below shows a resume with a section for accomplishments. In this part you can add details of your achievements, special interests, projects and activities, and highlight your special areas of expertise.

Here is an example of the resume with accomplishments section


236 Ocean Boulevard Miami Florida 33129

Mobile 674-236-47242 E-mail [email protected]


Recipient of many awards for films and TV arrangements. A mature professional, highly respected and recognized within the animation industry, with a distinctive flair for creating exceptional and trademark work. Inspires teamwork to bring out the best in studio gangs through strong motivation and leadership; well-liked as a boss.

“I worked with Simon on a number of Disney productions and it was a rare pleasure to share the company of a truly passionate individual who brings his exceptional qualities to the set.”

Stephen Simpson Senior Marketing Executive

Walt Disney Pictures Ltd.


  • Senior Animation Director for the new Disney Beauty and the Beast, which won the American Platinum Globe Award (2010) for best children’s feature
  • Honored by the New York film academy for his work on laser animations technology applications 2009
  • Voted best screenplay animation director by the Chicago Film Critics Association 2008


Walt Disney Pictures Ltd. (2005 – Present)

Senior Animation Director (2010 – Present)
Animation Director (2005 – 2010)

Joined the company at director level and soon made his mark as an outstanding leader and role model for many young aspiring filmmakers, taking camera layouts and visual artistry to a new level.

Telstar Children’s Animation Studio (1997 – 2005)
Animation Manager
(2000 – 2005)
Senior Animator (1997 – 2000)

Learned the rudiments of the trade at Telstar Studios with success in a variety of children’s productions including Henry the Wonder Horse (1998) and Animal Farm (1999) which won acclaim from film critics

Resume Example with Profile Statement

Resume including a Profile

The objective of the profile section is to provide an overview which explains how the skills and qualifications that you have will be suitable for the job you’re applying for. If the job posting specifies certain qualifications, this is where you can confirm that you meet the requirements. In this way, the person who checks your resume will be able to see immediately that you fit the criteria.

Here are some profiles for a range of occupations which would help to make your resume stand out, and give you the best chance of securing an interview.

Resume Example with Profile Statement


San Francisco CA 87461 Mobile 842-123-4531

email: [email protected]


Spirited, progressive, dynamic and knowledgeable professional relationship between the United States of America and China, looking for an executive position with a pro-active International organization. Well versed in both written and spoken Mandarin through a childhood education in Beijing, with a finely tuned understanding of the intricacies of interaction between foreign peoples and cultures. Self-motivated, with superior networking skills and ability for maximizing computer technology to create business opportunities through commercial cooperation.


Master of Business Administration (MBA) (2012)

School of Management, University of San Francisco

GPA 3.9, top student in the class

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Chinese Studies (2006 – 2009)

University of London

Chinese Language Program (Hons) (2005 – 2006)

Zhejiang University, Hongzhan



Eastern Exports Co., Ltd. (2001 – Present)

Marketing Executive

Responsible for streamlining marketing aspects for a new operation, looking to expand trade with eastern regions. Utilized language knowledge and competence to constructively converse with Chinese clients and broker trade deals. Produced 10-year marketing plans and analyzed future financial performance.


  • Traveling to promote interaction with foreign

peoples and cultures

  • Outdoor activities, including camping and ornithology
  • Reading historical novels and writing poetry
Example of Mini Resume

Example of Mini Resume

Mini Resume Template Example

A mini resume differs from a full length resume because it contains only the most important of your qualifications and career achievements. It concisely highlights your strengths, and makes an ideal introduction when you’re networking. Potential employers can get a quick and positive overview without having to read through a detailed history, and if you request a reference from someone they can use it to summarize and guide their ideas.

An example of a mini resume is shown below.

PORNTIP CHANAWAT – Mobile Fitness Instructor

163/2 Soi 4, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok

Mobile 0747113651   [email protected]

  • Service area within a 20 km radius of Terminal 21
  • Ten years’ experience in developing personal exercises and diet regimes
  • First aid certificate (including CPR)
  • Public liability insurance

Competitive pricing structure

More samples?

Example of Targeted Resume

Targeted Resume

A targeted resume is one which is specifically designed to be used to support one job application to a particular employer. Therefore it has to focus on the qualifications, experience, skills and other qualities which will be required for that exact role. It is therefore essential to think carefully how to match your attributes to what the employer is seeking. An example of a targeted resume is shown below.


28 Cranston Close, Reigate RH2 4BJ, England

Tel. 01738 468611   [email protected]


Evaluation – Review – Teaching – Nursing – Laboratory work

A skilled practitioner in healthcare with knowledge of related disciplines and an MSc. in Clinical Nursing from Kings College, London. Excellent communication ability with a kind, thoughtful and supportive bedside manner.


Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery (2010)
Kings College London, Clinical Nursing MSc.

Nursing Studies (for qualified healthcare professionals) BSc. (2005)

  • Recipient of the RCNi award for leadership, (2014)

Academic achievement and service to the profession

  • Certified to practice throughout the United Kingdom of

Great Britain and Northern Ireland


St George’s Hospital, Blackhorse Road (Oct 2010 – Present)

London SW19 0TJ

  • Educating and caring for both patients and family members regarding wellness, early recovery and disease prevention
  • Observing and recording patients’ behavior
  • Diagnosing diseases by analysis of symptoms and taking the required actions for recovery
  • Directing and supervising LPNs and CNAs
  • Checking stocking levels to maintain inventory requirements
  • Maintaining hygienic and safe working environments
  • Conducting research for improving medical practices and advance healthcare knowledge

Example of Combination Resume

Combination Resume

One particular type of functional resume is the combination resume, since it allows you to focus on skills while also providing a full work history. This is useful because most employers do like to see your complete employment record. If you adopt this format, you’ll be well-placed to answer any questions which may arise about career changes, working gaps, or similar issue which can cause potential employers to question your suitability.

The combination resume begins with your experience, skills and achievements, and is rather similar to the functional resume, before going on to list your full employment record chronologically, just as the chronological resume would. In this way, you open by highlighting your key attributes, and then give the employer the employment history they like to see. This style has the advantage of immediately grabbing the employer’s attention by showing them that you meet their requirements, before backing up your claims with evidence of your work experience.

An example of a combination resume is shown below.


686 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02674
Tel. 747-666-1234   e- mail [email protected]


To excel at guidance counseling and support multi-racial impressionable children of school-going age


  • Highly experienced professional who can overcome cultural divisions and build bridges through education with a strong interpersonal communication ability
  • Excellent leadership skills and strong critical thinking analysis to develop ideas
  • Able to build positive relationships in the working environment, resolving problems amicably without undue stress


MA in Education, majoring in counseling
June   2015     Boston University, USA                                                                               

BA in Human Logistics, Boston College
June   2010

Chestnut Hill MA 02468


Madison Park High School, Boston MA 02126

Responsible for the guidance and counseling of 4th-6th grade pupils

Parent/Student Relations

  • Demonstrated a keen interest in information transfer as a liaison official to obtain both parent and student confidence
  • Developed and maintained long-term relationships with parents throughout all stages of the school curricula

Problem resolution

  • Motivated team members through firm but fair leadership to resolve issues and strengthen team bonding
  • Conducted daily briefing workshops to ensure open and clear communication channels

Teaching responsibilities

  • Instructed and assisted in classroom management activities
  • Educated students from diverse backgrounds with wide-ranging social standing and ethnicities
  • Assisted both administrators and staff to maximize available resources


Habitat for Humanity Chapter Office                           

Chapel Hill, Boston MA 03621

Organized fund raising to send fourteen children to a Summer Camp with strong emphasis on social justice and empowerment through fair play

Example of Functional Resume

Functional Resume

The goal of a functional resume is to highlight the skills, qualifications and experience which may be required for a particular position. It is not necessary to present your work experience in chronological order for this style of resume. It is important to emphasize the skills which match the position you’re applying for, so you need to adjust the resume to fit the application. This approach is ideal if you’re changing careers, or if you have awkward gaps in your work history.

An example of a functional resume is shown below.


[email protected] Mobile  01464372988


Highly skilled and self-motivated with over 10 years’ industrial experience in computer graphical web design. Strong networking ability and problem solving, can work autonomously in challenging environments under tight timelines from project inception to completion.


  • Broad and detailed knowledge of graphic design principles, creating eye-catching documentation with innovative layout
  • Excellent computer literacy with design associated programs including Adobe Photoshop and QuarkXpress
  • Experienced in project work involving high-impact graphic layouts with multifunctional industrial applications
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills with the ability to adapt and learn new technologies
  • Innate creative talent which stands out in a crowd


BSc.(Hons) Computer Graphics Technology
1992 – 1995
Kingston University, London                                                                                    


Television graphics designer and VFX supervisor, Channel 4
1996 – Present
ITV studios, LONDON

Designed post-production graphics using digital vision, rotoscoping and motion artwork techniques. Involved with media sales and presenting marketing promotions to business clients at Sky TV. Tested new software for use with different interfaces, resolving teething problems prior to commercial application