300+ Good Resume Examples to Get that Job You always Wanted

Looking for Good resume examples? – So you need to write your resume. Often making a start is the hardest part and the mind goes blank. Maybe there is one that you can adapt and use as a template.

Good Resume Examples to Get that Job You Always Wanted

Take a look at some of the great resume examples below to see if one springs out as suitable.



  • Chronological Resume. This old-fashioned format merely focuses on previous work experience, listing past occupations in order of completion.
  • Functional Resume. Skills and expertise take center stage here. Brag, but don’t lie, about previous successes and achievements.
  • Combination Resume. Chronological and Functional Resumes are combined, so cherry pick your skills, abilities and past employment as a functional whole.
  • Targeted Resume. Go for the bull’s eye! Write a resume customized to nail the position on offer.
  • Mini Resume. Interviewers easily get bored, especially fielding twenty job applicants during a hot afternoon. A snappy and brief few paragraphs may land you the job.
  • Nontraditional Resume. Let’s go online. If you can present yourself well, then record a video chat. Tell the panel in person why you are the person they must choose. The resume can appear in infographic resume, Linkedin profile resume, online portfolio,online resume and social resume, and video resume.

Some resumes contain specific sections which highlight strengths

These attract attention toward areas where you feel comfortable and on solid ground. Some good resume examples include:

Confused? Let’s hope not! There is a wide range of basic resume examples here and one will be suitable for purpose. Choose it, and then proceed to the nuts and bolts. It is time to start advertising your wares!

Good Resumes vary greatly, after all a plumber has different aspirations from a company chief executive. The important thing is to make your resume stand out from the crowd. These few lines of printed text are advertising you as a potential employee. The first step is to decide on the type of resume that you wish to create, and how it will incorporate your previous experience, job history and strong points, while reflecting the requirements of the jobs applied for.

Here are 300 + good resume examples. Get started now by browsing through our perfect resume examples by industry.


Here are 300 + good resume examples. Get started now by browsing through our perfect resume examples by industry.

1. Administrative / Support Resumes
The key responsibility of an Administrator is that of an overseer of administrative operations in an organization, hence requires more practical, dynamic adaptability skills and track record, which serve as the crux of potentially perfect resume.

2. Marketing / PR Resumes
Persuasion and communication are indisputably the core of marketing and promotion, and for creating the perfect resume, it goes beyond outlined oratory prowess, into relevant track records (accomplishments) that testify of such persuasive prowess.

3. IT/ Technology Resumes
Beyond the regular computer knowledge, what can be offered to an organization in terms of technology? Practical relevant skills and track record form the bedrock of any resume, but the outstanding requires you know your stuff.

4. Finance / Accounting Resumes
Nobody is so trusting when it comes to money, hence educational qualification would be futile without the relevant practical skills. And much more, top-notch records on financial matters would sure place you on edge.

5. Executives Resumes
There must be a clear highlight of confidence, focusing majorly on achievements and what value would be added to such a recruiting organization. Relevant interpersonal skills would come in handy.

6. Art / Design / Media Resumes
Practical skills are required, but most importantly, it must be concise focusing on achievements and professional experience.

7. Child-Care Resume Examples
Tolerance though an impressive quality would only ruin your resume, experience and practical endearing skills for communication, form the crux of a potentially perfect Child-Care resume.

8. Education Resumes
The core of this resume is to test your academic qualification and its practical application. Dynamism would create an even better impression.

9. Healthcare Resumes
A healthcare resume is filled with the proud accomplishments of a professional caregiver. And this would include both educational and professional background.

10. Banking Resumes
Banking professionals will find career opportunities in abundance and in any business sector, but the dividing line is the professional experience.

11. Law Resumes
An armada of requisite degrees backed up by professional experience would place such a law resume in spotlights. Dynamism will take it even higher.

12. Hospitality Resumes
A practically strong interpersonal skill set and dynamism would go a long way in distinguishing your resume.

13. HR Resumes
Academic qualification is the crux of this resume, with a major in the requisite field. Interpersonal skills and dynamism would simply be placing the icing on the cake.

14. Manufacturing Resumes
Employees in the manufacturing business must constantly strive to improve the manufacturing process in any plant, company or organization. Here, practical skills are highly essential.

15. Operation & Warehousing Resumes
Though seemingly unimportant, physical fitness alongside practical industry-related skills with experience would determine the level of recognition given such resume.

16. Real Estate Resumes
A great deal of experience with accomplishments and interpersonal skills would come in handy in distinguishing your resume. Educational background is secondary.

17. Sales Resumes
Besides educational background, a strong persuasive interpersonal skill set is required to give your resume the edge over others. Flexibility is also another essential factor.

There are good resume examples to apply job that we present to you to build it by yourself. Choose and adapt one of the best resumes that is close to your career. Good luck and get the right job soon.