Sample Network Administrator Interview Questions and Answers

Sample Network Administrator Interview Questions and Answers

Here are the sample interview questions and answers that network administrators need to know well. More info and tips you can find and check by yourself according to your situation.

When going for a network administrator job interview, be prepare to answer questions that are related to the technical expertise of a network administrator. Interviewers want to know if you can meet up with their technical requirements.

Network Administrator Interview Questions and Answers

Q. What type of networks are you most experienced with as a network administrator?

The answer to this question tells whether the candidate has experience with the company’s network type and if the candidate will be a good network administrator.


Some of the things you should include in your answers are your knowledge of different types of networks, experience in setting up and maintaining the network structure and general opinions about the different types of network available.

Q. What monitoring tools and approaches do you deem best.

Interviewers ask this question to know if the candidate skill will be suitable for their network setup. Even if you don’t have specific experiences, providing an answer that shows great understanding of the advantages and demerits of different tools can help your interviewer decide if you will be hired.


State all the tools you know and explain your understanding of the different types of tools. A plus is to describe your experience with cloud and locally installed network monitoring.

Q. What is your understanding of a firewall and how it is used?

Firewalls are basic tools found in any network administrator’s possession. They prevent traffic from devices based on a set criteria. The interviewer is looking for the following in your answer;

  • Security is important and firewalls are one of the basic element of security
  • Firewalls working mechanism and knowledge of deploying them


An appropriate answer is “Firewalls serves as barriers between devices. They can be hardware or software. They have improved in their functionality over the years that network administrator have utilized them better at meeting business needs. ”

Q. What are workgroups or domains?

Domains have a server to client architecture in which a centralized server sets the communication instructions. Workgroups on the other hand involve management at individual level. Each system on the network controls itself. It decides what to share with other systems in the group.


What the interviewer is looking for in your answer include;

  • Work experience with domain
  • Experience in server setup and maintenance
  • Familiarity with upgrading a workgroup to domain

An answer like this will suffice. “Workgroups are similar to peer to peer networks. I have used workgroups for personal use like gaming, however, domains are better solution. By having that central system of security and control, your risk against attacks are minimized.”


Sample MBA Interview Questions and Answers

Sample MBA Interview Questions and Answers

Here are the sample interview questions and answers that MBA applicants need to know well. More info and tips you can find and check by yourself according to your situation.

The interview is indeed the last step, and the toughest round to clear when applying for your MBA. This is so because even with months of fervent preparations no one is sure what question will be asked during the personal interview.

Interview questions are drawn from qualification, personal life, job experience, hobbies, strength and weaknesses, ambition and general knowledge. We have some MBA interview questions and answers to help you prepare ahead of your MBA interview.

Sample Interview Questions and Answers for MBA

Q. Tell me something about yourself

This is the most asked question in an interview, however it is tricky. Your answer should be a summary of your resume. It should summarize your education and academic qualifications. It should also include a bit about your family background, interest and hobbies not forgetting your strength and life goals.

Q. Why MBA?

The ideal answer for a fresher is that an MBA would be your perfect launch pad to fit into the corporate world. Apart from imparting the necessary skillset required for your career, MBA will also fine tune the intra personal skills you already possess. It will transform you from an ordinary individual to a professional.

Q. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

When stating your strengths, you should sound ambitious, dedicated, hardworking, innovative eager to learn more, etc. Don’t just give words of your strengths, explain with examples. You must justify any weakness you will mention and support them with one or more statements. Something like “I am a slow starter, I take time to plan things before acting” is a typical example of how to say your weakness.

Q. What are your short term and long term goals?

Your short term goal should include acquiring knowledge about the corporate world and acquiring the right set of skills to excel in it. You should also mention that you will try and settle in a job that suitably meets your skillset and knowledge.

Long term goals are within the next five to ten year. If you don’t have any long term goals in mind, it is safe to say “I would like to excel in my area of specialization.” You may also share your dream business with the interviewer(s) if you have any.

Q. General awareness or social issues

Be diplomatic with your answers and don’t give extreme solutions. Be yourself, don’t act too smart and speak within the experience of your age group. Be careful not to give incredible answers and be modest in proffering alternating solutions.


Sample Interview Questions and Answers for Medical Secretary

Sample Interview Questions and Answers for Medical Secretary

Medical secretaries work at hospitals and clinic, where they provide assistance to the staffs of the facility. Some of their jobs include answering phone calls, management of patient appointments, filing and data entry and assist doctors and nurses with medical procedures on few occasions.

Medical Secretary Interview Questions and Answers

Examine some of the likely questions you will be asked when you go for medical secretary interview and master the answers for a successful interview.

What are your duties as a medical secretary?

On a typical day at work, I screen phone calls, deliver messages and schedule appointments which and follow up and announce scheduled patients. I also arrange meetings, conferences and travel details and provide information to patients about their diagnosis and treatments.

How do you manage troubled patients?

When a patient comes to a hospital, it is almost certain that such person is in distress, therefore there is no need to make them more distressed by being rude. I always use the sympathetic approach which keep my temper under check and I have employed this for years because it is effective.

Where do you see yourself six years from now?

My greater goal is to train as a nurse and work in that capacity.

How do you plan to cope with the administrative role of this position?

I have the ability and experience to deal with correspondence and also manage medical research when the need arises. I am also comfortable with tasks such as managing doctor’s calendars and scheduling patients’ appointments.

What skills to you think a medical secretary must possess to be successful?

Basic skills to perform secretarial duties such as typing, filing, copying, excellent telephone communication, faxing are invaluable. It is also important for medical secretaries to be familiar with scheduling, possess excellent time management and coordination skill. A proper understanding of medical jargon and diagnostics are also very important.

Apart from administrative and clerical activities, what other jobs have you performed as part of your role as a medical secretary?

On my previous appointment, I was saddled with the responsibility of sending patient samples for testing purposes and delivering test results. In addition, I was also monitored the office budget to ensure all expenditure were done within the organization’s financial plan.

Why do you think you are the best candidate to work for a medical facility like ours?

Experience-wise, I have worked in medical facilities where high volume of work and traffic is normal, just like it is here. I am well aware of the pressure and challenges working at the position of a medical secretary pose and I have mastered them effectively. I have deep insight for secretarial work especially to a large medical facility and I am comfortable with working on a rotating shift


Sample Office Administrator Interview Questions and Answers

Sample Office Administrator Interview Questions and Answers

Going for an office administrator job interview? Then expect questions that probes our understanding and experience of the office administrator role. You will be asked skill related questions on the job and behavioral questions that evaluate the competencies suitable for the role.

Make great use of the sample interview questions and answers as a guide to prepare yourself for the office administrator interview.

Sample Office Administrator Interview Questions and Answers

Q. What is a typical day in your previous job like?

The interview is trying to know your general experience of this type of role. Your answer should focus on the tasks and responsibilities that are essential to the job. Review the job description carefully to highlight essential the crucial task requirements.


The interviewer want typical office administrator answers that depicts day to day activities such as

  • “I assign and supervise administrative duties”
  • “I monitor, assist and manage staff performance”
  • “I provide executive support”
  • “I allocate and monitor resources”

Q. What is the role of an office administrator?

Use the guide below to develop your own office administrator interview answer for this question.


“Typically, the role of an office administrator is to ensure efficient functioning of office operations part of which are planning and organization of task, resource and office management, monitoring staff performance, coordination of data requirements, executing and supervising best office practices to ensure the achievement of stated objectives.”

Q. What qualities make you suitable for this role?

The interviewer wants to know if your management skills matches the role of an office administrator, so your answer should focus on the key management skill the interview is looking for.


“My stronghold in relation to this position include my rich experience in all areas of office operations, great organizational skills, exceptional planning skills, problem-solving and decision making skills, amazing communication skills and the desire to deliver excellent customer service”

Q. Describe your management and how you create the right team environment.

With the question, the interviewer is trying to know your human resource management skills and adaptability.


A typical answer to this question would be “I select my management style based on the individuals and working condition. Inexperienced employees need more direction, closer supervision to ensure success. With more experienced employees on the team, delegation is key, I provide them with the right resource to complete the task, and provide support when needed.”

Q. Describe a situation where you had to use your judgement to make important decision in your job

Every office administrator needs a great sense of judgement to look at relevant information and choose the best alternatives.


Give a brief description of an occasion when used your judgement in determining who you had to delegate a task to, or when you had prioritize a task above another which led to the success of the project.


Sample Secretary Interview Questions and Answers

Sample Secretary Interview Questions and Answers

Our sample secretary job interview questions will explore your personal traits, motivation and competences for the position of a secretary. Anticipate questions that are intended to assess the behaviors required for successful performance as a secretary.

You should be ready for some typical questions often asked in secretary job interviews. Use our questions and answers to develop some of your excellent answers as you prepare for your secretary job interview.

Sample Secretary Interview Questions and Answers

Q. Why did you apply for this job?

Harness the information you gathered from your search while preparing for the interview question. By doing this, you are likely to stand out among other candidates.


When you are answering this question, mention something specific about the company and the position that you find attractive. Mention the organization’s mission, vision, successes and the responsibilities and activities involved in the job.

Q. What is are your motivations?

Your motivation depends on your experience and background. However, make your motivations relevant to what the position of a secretary provide.


Different motivators you should talk about are increased responsibility, challenge, interpersonal interaction, team involvement, learning opportunities, growth and task complexity.

Q: What qualities are the most important for the job of a secretary?

The job secretaries are increasing day by day. The interview question will explore essential qualities of a secretary which include organization skills, planning ability, communication skill, confidentiality, initiative, integrity, adaptability, reliability and attention to details.


Fish out the key tasks for the position stated in the job posting to know which qualities are most essential for perform these tasks. If “Scheduling” is the key activity stated in the posting, then you need say something like “Great organizational skill and ability to plan and prioritize effectively.”

What are your strengths and weakness as a secretary?

This a valid potential questions that probes your strength, weakness and sincerity. Focus more on the strength and say little about your weakness (but say something).


Focus on four strengths that relates to the secretary job requirements. Examples of strengths to mention are information management, organizing and planning, problem-solving, attention to details, confidentiality and great interpersonal and communication skills. Buttress your answer with scenarios that exhibit your strength in work.


Sample CEO Interview Questions and Answers

Sample CEO Interview Questions and Answers

The job of a CEO is very important as well as delicate. For this reasons, recruiters try to understand a lot of things about a potential CEO in an interview. They look out for their values, purpose, career history, values, successes and their achievements in their career to mention a few.

Sample CEO Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some questions you should be prepared for during an interview for the post of a CEO and the appropriate answers;

Q. Why do you want this CEO job?

Companies hire people who are very passionate about the job, so you should be ready to provide a great answer to this question.


Politely present your passion and desire to work for a company that is growth-incline, forward looking and committed to providing their employees a better place to work.

Q. How successful have you been so far?

The success of an organization lies on the shoulders of a CEO, interviewers ask this questions to picture how successful or how far you can go in achieving success for the organization.


Exhibiting great confidence and presenting a realistic picture of your successes are your best responses. You can state that so far, you are satisfied with your career and it has progressed according to plans. Giving credits to your role models and superiors would paint you a good learner and listener.

Q. You seem over-qualified or too experienced for this position. What’s your opinion?

This might be a startling question. It might be a trick or a sincere question. Whichever it is, you want to be careful with vetting your opinion (answering the question)


Start by talking about your desire to have a long and satisfying working experience with the organization. Also state how your experience and qualification can create new opportunities to the company. You can end it on an intelligent note that a company with vast business like the company would want well qualified staffs to increase their market presence and the CEO is important in order to achieve this. Therefore, there is no place for economizing.

Q. How long would you stay with us?

The timeline of an employee with an employer is dependent on a number of factors and vice versa.


The only valid answer to this question is that you are looking forward to a productive and long career with the company. You should also emphasize that you have decided to work for the company because reasons such as their reputation, quality in the market and the future that the company projects.

Q. How long will it take you to make a meaningful impact to this company?

The job of a CEO is to run the company and drive it into the future. Therefore the plan of the CEO will direct all other employees. You are advised to do a thorough research of the company before you appear for the interview.


Try to identify lags and problems you have noticed from your research and offer them as possibilities. Propose time frames for improvement provided that normal circumstances are in play, with you will have to specify as well.


Sample Administrative Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Sample Administrative Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

When you being interviewed for the position of an administrative assistant, give everything you have got to let the interviewer see that you would make a great administrative assistant. While you are preparing for general job interview questions, you should also be prepared to answer job-specific questions that will be asked during the interview.

Sample Administrative Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Q. How comfortable are you at handling multiple responsibilities?

An administrative assistant should be able to handle multiple tasks and responsibilities, so you won’t be an exception. Even if this would be your first administrative assistant job, there are times in your life that you had to multitask that you can use as point of reference.


“In my previous job, I was handling clients’ travels, organizing the calendars for over 100 staffs and managing the office. In this position, I got used to tasks directed to me on the last minute. I would write down all the task in a manner of priority to figure out the most important. Usually the most difficult responsibility was the most important, so I figured out that it all boils down prioritization and time management.”

Q. Do you think you handle stress well?

The job of an administrative assistant is unequivocally stressful. A lot of people will need your assistants to get things done. The interviewer wants to know if you can handle this type of work environment.


A perfect answer to this question is “I can honestly say that I have become comfortable at handling tress and work pressure overt time. What works best for me is to list out everything I need to do, put them in order of priority and mark them once completed. This is a routine I also you for my personal life and it keeps me focused and productive. ”

Q. What computer programs are you good with?

As an administrative assistant, you will make use of various computer programs. Be honest because you don’t you wouldn’t want to fumble with a program you claimed you know how to use in the interview on your first day in job.


“I am well experienced with all Microsoft office programs like Word, Excel, Publisher and PowerPoint. I recently took an advanced class on Excel to get learn everything it has to offer. Also, in my previous role, I had to put up many PowerPoint presentation. ”

Why do you want this job?

There is a great chance you will be asked this question if you are switching careers without any experience with this kind of job.


Think about the advantages of the position then talk about why you want to work with the organization.

An appropriate answer will be “I really enjoy being super organized and I really love managing my time, which is what propelled me into looking for an administrative assistant position. Also, I enjoy making others happy by assisting them get their job done and this will be an amazing role for me with my personality.”


Sample Technical Support Interview Questions and Answers

The Job of a technical support executive is to assist customers with any technical problems they encounter with the product of the company. Like every other job interview, you need to be prepared before you set out to take an interview for technical support position. Here is a collection of expected questions you may encounter in interviews and the appropriate answers;

Sample Technical Support Interview Questions and Answers

Q. Tell us about your basic technical experience and qualifications.

This question is a definite ice breaker. This is a question you will face in almost all technical support job interviews.


An effective answer to this pertinent question is to simply summarize your technical qualification and skill. You can also talk about the products and technologies you have worked on.

A typical answer is “I am a BE – Electronics graduate with distinction and have a 3 years working experience in electronics industry. I have the opportunity of working in a technical team that developed Top Drip Technology”

Q. What do you know about our products and company?

The intention of this question is to know your level of interest and preparedness for the position.


Read the job advertisement thoroughly and carefully go through their website to have a basic knowledge about them. It is an interview, so you are not expected to know every details about their products, however, displaying a basic knowledge will give you an edge over other candidates.

Q. What steps do you take for solving a technical problem?

This is a typical question you should be prepared to answer because it checks your familiarity with technical support procedures and processes. If you are hired, the answer you provide here will enable the interviewer to arrange your training.


State the major steps you take when solving a problem and also say that you know that every firm has a different set of processes or procedure, which you are able to adapt to in no time.

Q. What is your expected time for an average call?

This question test for your efficiency, problem solving abilities, technical knowledge, communication and most importantly, your interest in customer satisfaction Although you are expected to solve a problem as fast as you can, but solving a customer’s problem is also important.


You can give an answer like “The time required to solve a problem depends on its complication, but, from experience, most customers often face similar problems. We can resolve the call within 3-4 minutes. As a technical support personnel, customer satisfaction is important to me. ”

Q. What tools do you think are most important when troubleshooting and solving a problem?

This is also a test of your experience on the job, technicality and how independent you are.


Knowledge, experience team members and manuals are some of essential tools for troubleshooting. However, be careful not to exhibit support from team members as your stronghold because you are expect to be independent while dealing with customers most of the times.


Sample Dispatcher Interview Questions and Answers

Sample Dispatcher Interview Questions and Answers

It is impossible to accurately predict all the questions you will face in the interview room. Notwithstanding, you can anticipate few questions among which are common on such interview, which will assist you to better prepare for your interview session with the interviewer.

Sample Dispatcher Job Interview Questions and Answers

Q. Why did you pursue a dispatcher career?

It is no hearsay that a dispatch job can be quite difficult, stressful and straining. This is a fact that the interviewer is aware of.


This question demands your honesty, but do not make the mistake of mentioning the salary/benefits. Rather, you should focus on the importance of a dispatcher in times of emergency and how life-saving the job is. Dispatchers calm upset or stressed people during emergency situations and also keep record of cogent information. Use this as your stronghold while answering the question.

Q. What is your best working environment?

The answer you provide to this question will help the interviewer know how well you would fit the company’s present working environment.


Although it might be tempting to tell them about your natural leader ship skills, but the appropriate answer is “I am comfortable working within groups as well as independently. Although I am experienced when it comes to leading a team, I am also capable of following instructions that are provided to me in my line of duty.”

Q. Do you think you handle stress well?

The job of a dispatcher is unequivocally stressful. You will reaching every possible appropriate agencies in times of emergency. In the space of seconds, you must contact hospitals, police, EMTs fire department and other relevant


While answering this question, it will be okay for you to mention the stress relieving activities you engage in off work. “I take yoga classes every weekend and meditate every night before going to bed. This keep me refreshed all day” will be a great answer to this question.

Why are you the best for the job?

  1. When you are asked this kind of question, you have to answer with a blend of your education, experience and personal qualities.


An appropriate answer is “I have dedicated my life to helping people in crises. I am a graduate of Emergency Management at Zigzag Institute. I am also certified in AED and CPR. In addition, I have worked as an EMT for about 2 years so I am conversant with the requirement of a dispatcher job.” This is a short answer that shows the interviewer that you are well informed and capable of handling the job.


Commit to knowing the common dispatch codes used by emergency personnel, you may be tested on them during the interview.

With the above highlighted dispatcher interview questions and answers, it is important for you to stay positive while responding to questions thrown at you. Display a confident and calm demeanor to make yourself a likeable prospect.


Tips on Investment Banking Interview Questions and Answers

5 Tips on Investment Banking Interview Questions and Answers

Investment Banking Interview Tips

1. Rehearse for the Interview with Someone

Enough rehearsal will charge you up for the interview and build you up for the interview and for you to sound vibrant during the interview, you should have done enough rehearsal with someone good enough as a good interviewer. The person may be somebody within the bank you are applying with or have experience in investment banking. Also, if rehearsal is not possible, then you can be an imaginary interviewer. Interview and ask them questions relative to the post and get information regarding the company, as much as you could. It also helps if you do a lot of reading, researching and studying about the company and possibly get a profile of the interviewer/s.

2. Build a Good Relationship at First Sight

Immediately you set eyes on your interviewer, instantly offer a warmly handshake or greetings that will initially build up a relationship. During the course of the interview, try engaging in a lively conversation but not deviating from the context. Handle the interview like it’s a casual talk, letting your interviewer feel that the interview is being mutually enjoyed.

3. Be Good Listener

The interviewers have been briefed on the qualities of prospective employees that the company wants in their organization, so they will probably be talking about that indirectly. Listening to their every word and paying attention to details, will prove that you are very interested in being in their company. Answer questions based on their needs and sell yourself, this will make you the perfect candidate for the position.

4. Intriguing and Qualitative Self-Introduction

When introducing yourself, describe yourself in an intriguing but straightforward words that they will remember. They could forget your name, but they will always remember a catchy description. Describe your portfolio in their qualifications framework. It would be beneficial to mention any experience in your portfolio that speaks to your originality and credibility.

5. End Your Interview with Your Best Question to Ask

A positive response during the interview gives you a nice lead into your question. The question should be an interesting guide to show what you learned from the interview and how keen you are to join the company.

Likely Question to Be Asked

1. Can you tell me more about yourself?

It would be very good of you if you brief your interviewers a little about your background (where you grew up) but spend more time in briefing them about the experience and skills you have already acquired. This is usually the first impression that will count you worthy of the post you are applying.

2. What can you say about Discounted Cash Flows Analysis?

Discounted cash flows give analysis to the value of what the company is based on the present value of its future cash flow. Also knowing how to explain what this methodology is, you are expected to know each of these steps.

3. What makes you think we can hire you?

I’m sure there are other applicants that have the ability to do the job. But, along with ability, I am motivated to provide excellence. In every position I’ve held, my personality drives for excellence that has resulted in achievements. I have all skills, knowledge, idea and experience  you are looking for to take this position.

4. What do you know about this company?

An interviewer asking you this questions is just a way of knowing if truly you have the interest in their company and also to know if you have done all your assignment. Things you are expected to say should relate with the following;

Year the firm/company was established

Their mission statement

5. Who is the President and CEO of the company?

The firm will spend time asking questions to determine if your personality will mesh with the company’s corporate culture. Focusing more on your research about the firm and answering these questions correctly during the interview gives you upper hand during your interview. If you do not take the time to learn about the company, the interviewer will assume that you’re not fit to handle such position and you will be passed over in consideration for the job.

This is a very standard question but you would be surprised at the number of candidates that cannot answer the question. Another question big question is for you to describe the new product the company just launched. If you are unable to answer basic questions about the company, you will not be selected for the position.