12 Real Ways To Earn Money Online In 2019

The global economy has become excessively complex in the 21st century. The jobs are getting tough and unemployment is rising at a drastic level. However things aren’t all bad for people who have a passion for becoming successful in life. With the advancement in technology the opportunities for remote work and online work have remarkably increased. This has led many people to start an online career.

Earning money online has become increasingly popular in the last two decades. One of the major reasons for that is that people have realized that they cannot get rich working for someone else for their entire life. In order to be financially successful you need to develop skills that would help you start your own work and what better platform to start your work than the opportunity rich online platform.

With so many scams on the internet many people are skeptical about online earning methods. Well, we are here to tell you that online earning methods aren’t just a reality but they are actually one of the most effective methods to start a strong and regular cash flow for yourself. The best part about earning online is that you don’t even have to leave your home. The only thing you need is a passion to succeed and a laptop with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Let’s take a look at 12 of the most popular and effective ways to earn money online in 2019. Before we start the list it is important to know that these are totally real ways to earn money online however earning money online isn’t as easy as it look. People only see the end result. they don’t see the hard work that went into making the online work or online business a success

  1. E-Commerce Website

ecommerce website  - make money online

No list of “real ways of earning money online” is complete without this entry. E-Commerce websites are just digital form of traditional retail stores. However you get to have more information about the product on e-commerce websites. If you are looking to start an online business then this is one of best options you can go for. You can either pick a niche or just sell everything like Amazon on your e-commerce website. E-Commerce websites are very cost effective and can yield great result for the owner of the business.  Life these days has become really fast and people prefer to shop things with a single click and they also prefer shopping for items that can be delivered to their homes. Having an e-commerce website for a product that is high in demand is definitely going to help you become successful. You can sell many different things on your website including clothes, books, merchandises and all other things that you are legally licensed to sell.

There is a huge market for handicrafts. If you are someone who is good with his hands then you can earn a decent income by selling your handicrafts online. Websites like Etsy, provide a very powerful platform to people who are looking to sell their hand made products. You can even take requests for customized handicraft items on your online store.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing offers a great way to generate an extra cash flow for yourself and your business. It can help you earn a decent amount of cash depending on what website you are affiliated with. In affiliate marketing you don’t have to setup your own e-commerce website however you have to partner with e-commerce and other website in order to earn money. The way affiliate marketing works is that you either start you own affiliate marketing website or you provide affiliate marketing services through social media. You can offer promo codes and coupons for certain websites so when customers purchase an item from  the respective website and use your promo code or use a link that you provided then you would get a commission form the purchase. You have to work hard in order to market to the right customers. Some website even offer lifetime commissions which means that if you brought in a buyer through your marketing efforts then whenever that buyer will purchase something from the website  , you will get a commission from all the purchases. This is a great way to generate a regular and decent cash flow. Affiliate marketers earn thousands of dollars every month. See a sample site of kitchen appliance reviews at http://minipriza.com

  1. Create A Software / App And Sell It

Software App development

Most people don’t know this but you can earn a lot of money by investing in the creation of a mobile phone app or software. You might even have to invest a handsome amount of money depending on the type of app you want to create. The app market is quite saturated so in order to earn money you need to develop an app that is unique and innovative. Your app should be able to differentiate itself from other similar apps in the market otherwise it will all be a waste of time and money. An important thing to note here is that you don’t have to make a paid version of your app to earn profit, you can even money profit on free version of the app through advertisement. These days all most all app have two types of advertisements. Banner ads that can be seen on the screen and video advertisements that are usually seen in gaming apps. You can watch the video and earn certain extra benefits in the game. These videos are actually advertisements from other companies and apps. You can charge them for showing their ads in your game.

  1. Join A Freelancing Website

Make money from freelancing website

The freelancing website is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. A big reason for its booming popularity is the fact that these days’ people can find freelancing work in almost all industries. This gives people the opportunity to use their skills and work flexible hours. These days you can find hundreds of different freelancing websites on the internet.  Most of these websites are well reputed and trusted platforms so you don’t have to worry about not getting paid.  These websites let you affiliate your bank account or PayPal account with your freelancing account thus ensuring a smooth transfer of payments. One of the most common tasks on freelancing websites is that of a virtual assistant. You can become someone’s virtual assistant by managing their daily tasks, performing data entry for them and in some cases even waking them up in the morning. Virtual assistant is job has a very broad nature so it can include a lot of things. From writing and video editing to music composition and web development, you can find freelancing work for almost everything on these websites.

  1. Online Coaching And Training

earn by coaching online

If you have certain coaching skills in any field of life, you can start your own online coaching school. This can be in the form of a website, a blog or even a social media account. You can offer your expertise in exchange of money. There are many people who are putting their coaching skills to use via the internet. Some people feel more comfortable communicating through the computer rather than face to face. It also gives work flexibility to both the client and the coach. The clients can write about their issues and the coaches will read them and reply accordingly. Both the client and coach can do multiple tasks while also carrying out a coaching session. As a client you might be drinking tea or eating dinner while typing your messages in the computer. Online coaches earn a very decent income however if they become popular they can generate a very lucrative cash flow for themselves.

  1. Blogging

make money by blogging

Blogging offers a lot of different ways to earn money online. Whether you blog about a certain niche or you have a general blog, it is very important to generate traffic to your blog. The more traffic you generate, the more effective your blog becomes. Once you have built up enough credibility, you can start selling ads, products and even memberships on your blogs. Bloggers can also become affiliate marketers from other websites and include affiliate links in their content. This will help them get commission from any purchase that was carried out after the client followed the affiliate link in your content. This shows that blogging offers a complete package of real ways to earn money online. Advertisements are still the most popular money making technique for bloggers. Bloggers can place different advertisements on their blog and earn money whenever anyone clicks on the advertisement. When a visitor clicks on the advertisement and then makes a purchase on the landing page then the blogger gets a commission from the purchase. The more traffic you generate to your blog, the more chances there are for people to click on the advertisement.

  1. Join A Remote Company

These days you can find many different remote companies, whose entire business structure revolved around customers who work from home. Some of these companies also have physical offices however their main tasks are usually carried out from home. There are many authentic platforms online that let people specifically post remote jobs.  These days you can work from home and still get an experience letter from a well reputed company, given that company allows offers remote jobs. If you are someone who wants to earn money but also wants to have a certain company or brand’s name attached to you then this is the best method for you. In the present day companies offer remote work at all levels. Whether you are a top management employee, a middle management employee or a lower level employee, you can work remotely from home and earn an equally decent income that you might have earned in a traditional office. Remote work allows employees to be flexible in their working hours. Studies have shown that remote workers are more efficient in carrying out their day to day duties as compared to workers who work at a traditional office space.

  1. Books And Audio Books

This is another thing that most people don’t know. You can write and sell your own books online. There are certain websites and platforms available online that let you list your book on an online store. People can read the summary of the book and if they like it they would buy it. Once the purchase takes place, the platform selling the book will take its share and forward the remaining amount to your bank account. You can publish any type of book you want however it should be filled with great content. You can write on any genre that you prefer but you should write in an interesting way. You have to make sure that whatever you write is true until and unless you are writing a fiction novel. In addition to writing and selling your own book, you can also work as a narrator for other people’s books. Certain companies and writers hire people from different parts of the world to get their book narrated in different languages. If you have a solid voice that can give life to a book then you should definitely opt for the option of narrating books online.

  1. Start Your Own YouTube Channel

Earning on YouTube isn’t as easy as most people think. You have to regularly come up unique and original content. YouTube has specific guidelines and regulations regarding what content can be monetized so if you are planning to start your YouTube channel, you have to familiarize yourself with those guidelines. Once you gain popularity on YouTube, you can earn thousands of dollars on a monthly basis. In addition to that a YouTube career is bound to make your famous which means that you can also use your fame to try your luck with other business ventures as well. You can earn money by posting content related to video game walkthroughs, product reviews, movie reviews, top 10 lists, facts videos, history videos and many more. It should be kept in mind that the videos you plan on monetizing should have your personal input otherwise YouTube will automatically remove the monetize setting from the video.

  1. Become A Stock Photographer

If you are someone who has a passion for photography or if you have a camera lying around in your house then you can put that camera and your photography skills to use. You can become a stock photographer for Google. You can capture unique and original photos and then sell them to Google. The photos should be unique and should be clear enough to be used by potential buyers.

  1. Online Surveys

Ways To Earn Money Online

There are many websites that let you earn money by completing surveys. If you are someone who is planning to earn money through online surveys then the one thing you should always keep in mind is that there are a lot of scam websites out there. You will be asked to complete surveys and once you do you will not be given any payment. This is why it is crucial to make sure that the website you are using to complete the surveys is legit and authentic. Online surveys don’t pay as much as other online money earning methods but it still helps you get some reasonable amount of extra cash.

  1. Online Games

Playful diverse people holding gaming icons

Gone are the days when games were only played to have fun and entertain yourself. These days you can play games and earn money. These days you can find games on all consoles, PC and even mobile platforms that let you earn money. There are certain online gaming competitions which can even help you earn thousands of dollars. There are several trivial games available on mobile platforms that let you earn money as you progress to upper levels. It provides a great opportunity to people who want to earn money while having fun.  In addition to this people can also earn money by testing video games for different companies. Many software and mobile companies hire people to test their video games.


These are 12 of the most effective methods that can help you earn money online. All you need is a passion to earn money, a laptop and network connectivity. There are hundreds of other ways that one can use in order to earn money online. If you are looking to start an online career you should do your homework and see which method would work best for you. It is very important to choose a method that you are skilled and experienced in. For people who are still skeptical about earning online, Online work can help you earn thousands of dollar every month. This should be enough motivation for skeptical people to at least try one of the methods mentioned above.