Network Administrator Job Description Sample

Network administrator job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

As technology has taken over the offices and industries, the use of computers and internet has reached its peak in the recent tome. With all due advantages and effectiveness, these systems might become a problem as they get a lot of bugs and viruses and as a result, they might stop working. Only a professional can deal with such issues and such a professional is known as the network administrator. If you are crazy about IT and machines at the same time, you can be an administrator of both if you get yourself enrolled in Bachelors in IT and Networking. As a network admin, your skills should be highly developed. Having a diploma or a course about these things is a good idea. Communication and leadership skills are a plus point. Besides this, you should know how to work with the other sections of the office in order to collaborate and solve the issue in less time.

If you are looking to hire someone for a network admin job, make sure that the job description clearly states that you need a certified and qualified individual.

Network Administrator Job Description Sample

Position: Network Administrator

Degree: Bachelors in IT and Networking

Working conditions:  Work is done from the office mostly and in the field as well


  • Bachelors in Networking and IT with an experience of 6 years in the relevant field
  • Have excellent command on the networking and administrative tools
  • Should have a diploma or must have done a course in dealing with networking tools
  • Should have interpersonal and communication skills
  • Have knowledge about the upcoming technologies and techniques involved in networking
  • Have leadership skills to work and lead a team

Key responsibilities:

We are looking for a network admin for our company InterCom Ltd. where we provide the networking and internet services to the users. As we do operate with a lot of networking devices, routers, computers, and server etc. we get a lot of issues which need to be resolved on urgent basis. Therefore, we are looking for a person who can be handy in handling all these issues on daily basis.

This is an office based job where only an experienced person is required who can build his team and makes sure that the issues are well-taken care off. He has to give a daily report regarding the analysis of these machines and techniques and make sure that if any issue is created, it is resolved as soon as possible.

Such a person must have complete command over the networking functionalities and use of software to make sure that such issues do not occur. He has to work in close association with every sector of the office to handle their problems and getting every day reports from them on daily basis.

Good communication skills and analytical skills will be a benefit for such a job. Do apply for it if you think you have all the relevant skills, abilities, and experiences needed for this job.