Ideal Substitute Teacher Resume Sample

Here is a sample of Substitute Teacher resume – Feel free to copy-paste and adapt it to build your resume to apply for the job you want. The following resume template can be also utilized for a substitute teacher, preschool substitute teacher, and elementary teacher.


Substitute Teachers are used instead of regular teachers who cannot perform their duties due to absence. The teacher can be called at any teaching position at the school. The work may last for a day, week or year.

The short-term goal is to continue replacing the teacher is teaching full time. But alternative method must continue with all teacher duties if possible. This could include lunch or housing services, bus and tasks qualify, management discipline and maintain order in the classroom, and the expected distribution is taught.

Substitute teachers must be willing to learn any class at any time. A Substitute Teacher can be a daily adventure into the unknown.

Each instruction can be a substitute teacher. However, in general, the Substitute Teacher may only have a diploma four years in all areas.

Skills Required for Substitute Teacher

  • Good knowledge of all the subject including necessary instructions.
  • Capital: The ability to establish a fair and ethical environment for all students.
  • Ability to work with lesson plans prepared by a primary school teacher.
  • Versatility in teaching methods and ability to adapt quickly.
  • Flexibility: the ability to adapt to new environments and students as individuals.
  • The ability to adapt instruction/curriculum techniques for students with special needs.
  • Knowledge of the theory and practice of education and child development.
  • The ability to properly handle misbehavior.

Substitute Teacher Resume Example

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Substitute teacher dedicated to more than eight year’s experience in the creation and management and delivery of curricula and the implementation of the curriculum. Background means full support of the environment and care for students. A person exercising tact control and maintain discipline in the classroom at all times.


  • Planned and prepared children for a picture for the annual parent successfully as the teacher’s head was on vacation.
  • The launch of the system progress chart showing every child in the charts in each category has been appreciated.
  • Performance increased participation in education and dyslexic child built by 40% through individual attention and facilitated learning well documented.
  • Won more care during the first year of employment.
  • Led Master participated in various activities that included restoration of class during the holidays and design technological century.


  • Promote better intellectual and social impact
  • Cultural awareness of cultural diversity in the classroom
  • A positive attitude towards children and parents
  • Time management: Especially the ability to use time effectively in the class
  • Superior communication skills, especially verbally
  • Strengthening interpersonal skills and team
  • The opportunities for problem-solving
  • Knowledge of procedures in case of emergency (in case of injuries, fires, earthquakes)
  • Training, practice and relevant formal experience


ABC Educational Center, Nubia, TX (6/2010 – Present)
Substitute Teacher

  • Implement educational activities and classes in the absence of primary teacher.
  • Follow the given lesson plans and instruments to be used to support activities.
  • Keep a record of all children progress in their portfolios.
  • Develop and introduce appropriate lessons planners based curriculum in the absence of primary teachers.
  • Keep the newsletter topics updated to current and future classroom.

XYZ Educational Center, Lennox, CA (7/2008 – 5/2010)
Substitute Teacher

  • Developed and maintained good relationships with all students and parents.
  • Participated in all the activities of planning and class work.
  • Facilitated the teachers in the implementation of the lesson plan and record keeping.
  • Assisted the lead teachers to provide instruction according to established curricula.
  • Watched students to ensure appropriate behavior in the classroom and considered undisciplined behavior in the fast run.
  • Helped students with homework in class and learning new concepts.
  • Supervised students during outdoor activities and lunch hours.
  • Designed students and the development of teaching materials to learn new concepts.


University of Lennox, Lennox, CA – 2007
Associate of Science in Education

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