Sample Office Administrator Interview Questions and Answers

Sample Office Administrator Interview Questions and Answers

Going for an office administrator job interview? Then expect questions that probes our understanding and experience of the office administrator role. You will be asked skill related questions on the job and behavioral questions that evaluate the competencies suitable for the role.

Make great use of the sample interview questions and answers as a guide to prepare yourself for the office administrator interview.

Sample Office Administrator Interview Questions and Answers

Q. What is a typical day in your previous job like?

The interview is trying to know your general experience of this type of role. Your answer should focus on the tasks and responsibilities that are essential to the job. Review the job description carefully to highlight essential the crucial task requirements.


The interviewer want typical office administrator answers that depicts day to day activities such as

  • “I assign and supervise administrative duties”
  • “I monitor, assist and manage staff performance”
  • “I provide executive support”
  • “I allocate and monitor resources”

Q. What is the role of an office administrator?

Use the guide below to develop your own office administrator interview answer for this question.


“Typically, the role of an office administrator is to ensure efficient functioning of office operations part of which are planning and organization of task, resource and office management, monitoring staff performance, coordination of data requirements, executing and supervising best office practices to ensure the achievement of stated objectives.”

Q. What qualities make you suitable for this role?

The interviewer wants to know if your management skills matches the role of an office administrator, so your answer should focus on the key management skill the interview is looking for.


“My stronghold in relation to this position include my rich experience in all areas of office operations, great organizational skills, exceptional planning skills, problem-solving and decision making skills, amazing communication skills and the desire to deliver excellent customer service”

Q. Describe your management and how you create the right team environment.

With the question, the interviewer is trying to know your human resource management skills and adaptability.


A typical answer to this question would be “I select my management style based on the individuals and working condition. Inexperienced employees need more direction, closer supervision to ensure success. With more experienced employees on the team, delegation is key, I provide them with the right resource to complete the task, and provide support when needed.”

Q. Describe a situation where you had to use your judgement to make important decision in your job

Every office administrator needs a great sense of judgement to look at relevant information and choose the best alternatives.


Give a brief description of an occasion when used your judgement in determining who you had to delegate a task to, or when you had prioritize a task above another which led to the success of the project.