ESL Teacher Job Description Sample

ESL Teacher Job Description Sample

ESL Teacher Job Description: ESL stands for the term English as the Second Language.Salary of an ESL teacher depends on the type of institute. See more.

ESL stands for the term English as the Second Language. The person who teaches English to other people from countries with other languages is known as the ESL teacher. ESL teacher is essential in different educational sections. It can be in various portions of education. In most of the cases, the ESL teacher helps the international students of an institute to speak English fluently. The teacher may also work for helping the immigrants to understand their new language.

ESL teachers may need some additional training to learn the special needs of child and adult learners. Based on the needs of the students, the ESL teacher prepares a curriculum for the students. It may contain all the essential learning methods and the steps that the teacher is going to follow for the students. The teacher may focus on a specific aspect of language use. For example, life skills, literacy, or vocational and workplace English are the parts of this learning system.

Classroom works may contain the presentation, videos, pronunciation techniques, quizzes, textbooks, etc. All other things that related to learning English need to be prepared by the ESL teacher. For working as an ESL teacher, the teacher must have a bachelor or Master degree in ESL. In some states, the person needs a license for teaching the K-12 students.

Salary of an ESL teacher depends on the type of institute. In most of the institutes, they pay the teacher hourly basis.

ESL Teacher Job Description

Position: ESL Teacher for the College

Degree: Masters or Bachelors in ESL

Working Conditions: Has to work with variety of students from different countries


  • The candidate must have at least 1-year experience in the related field
  • Should be able to prepare the curriculum for the students
  • Must have the ability to teach English to the students in easy method
  • Ability to monitor the progress of the students
  • Excellent communication skills to manage the teaching curve

Key responsibilities:

We are looking for a person who will work in our college as the ESL teacher. So, we need a person who has a bachelor degree or master degree in ESL. We are looking for someone who already has some experience in the ESL teaching at any educational level.

You must know about preparing lecture plan for international students. You will get a particular time for teaching each small group of students. So you need to make sure that students are getting enough knowledge in the meantime.

If the students require any special care, you will take the essential steps. Based on the needs of the students, you may need to prepare video materials and audio materials.

You need to ensure the learning environment in the classroom. We want that our students become able to continue their study in English without any hassle.

You will have to maintain the schedule strictly. You will be paid hourly. The authority will fix the salary based on your expertise and experience.

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