Office Administrator Job Description Sample

Office administrator job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

Every office whether big or small needs someone who can be a person who does all the smaller and the minor tasks as well the bigger and major tasks. Office admin is such a person, he has a lot of things to be done and all of these things are dependent on him. So he must be proficient in his job. He should have good communication skills to handle the staff and the clients and make coordination between them. As an admin, he should be upfront in order to solve the problems, meet and greet the clients and arrange the meetings and appointments according to the schedule of the higher authorities.

If you are looking to hire an office admin, make sure that he has a certified degree and can work on his own as well. His activity, communication, and organizational skills are a very handy thing in this type of job. Scroll through the Office admin job description given below to have a more straightforward idea of writing one for your company. This will help to enter the key points and responsibilities in the job description so that the candidates have a clear idea about the job.

Office Administrator Job Description Sample

Position: Office administrator

Degree: Bachelor’s degree from a well-reputed institution

Working conditions: has to work from the office and might have to travel as well


  • Bachelor’s degree along with a diploma or an experience of 6 months in the relevant field
  • Should be well-dressed and well-mannered
  • Should have good communication skills including the verbal and written ones
  • Should be able to handle the administrative and managerial works at the smaller scale
  • Should have the basic computer skills
  • Should be able to analyze and organize the things
  • Should be able to prioritize his projects, handle the pressure, and multitask at the same time.

Key responsibilities:

We are a multinational software company known as SoftTech Ltd. where we provide services to the national and international clients. We are looking for an office admin for our main office to deal with the customers and clients, listen to their complaints, analyze the everyday work, do accounting and other tasks with minimal supervision and have good organizational skills as well.

Basically, we want a person who can work under the ad in section and organize all the events and programs of the office. He has to engage with the customers and the clients directly so verbal and written communication skills have to be above par.

He must have an idea about accounting, reporting skills and inventory control. His job might require him to engage in these things as well. Answering phone calls, filing the documents and reports are his prime jobs and they are needed to be done on daily basis.

Coordination between the admin panel and the staff is dependent on him so he has to be active all day to conduct the messages all the time.

Apply for this job if you think you have the relevant skills.