TOP 4 Sample Secretary Interview Questions and Answers

Our sample secretary job interview questions will explore your personal traits, motivation and competences for the position of a secretary. Anticipate questions that are intended to assess the behaviors required for successful performance as a secretary.

You should be ready for some typical questions often asked in secretary job interviews. Use our questions and answers to develop some of your excellent answers as you prepare for your secretary job interview.

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Top 4 Secretary Interview Questions and Answers

Q. Why did you apply for this job?

Harness the information you gathered from your search while preparing for the interview question. By doing this, you are likely to stand out among other candidates.


When you are answering this question, mention something specific about the company and the position that you find attractive. Mention the organization’s mission, vision, successes and the responsibilities and activities involved in the job.

Q. What is are your motivations?

Your motivation depends on your experience and background. However, make your motivations relevant to what the position of a secretary provide.


Different motivators you should talk about are increased responsibility, challenge, interpersonal interaction, team involvement, learning opportunities, growth and task complexity.

Q: What qualities are the most important for the job of a secretary?

The job secretaries are increasing day by day. The interview question will explore essential qualities of a secretary which include organization skills, planning ability, communication skill, confidentiality, initiative, integrity, adaptability, reliability and attention to details.


Fish out the key tasks for the position stated in the job posting to know which qualities are most essential for perform these tasks. If “Scheduling” is the key activity stated in the posting, then you need say something like “Great organizational skill and ability to plan and prioritize effectively.”

What are your strengths and weakness as a secretary?

This a valid potential questions that probes your strength, weakness and sincerity. Focus more on the strength and say little about your weakness (but say something).


Focus on four strengths that relates to the secretary job requirements. Examples of strengths to mention are information management, organizing and planning, problem-solving, attention to details, confidentiality and great interpersonal and communication skills. Buttress your answer with scenarios that exhibit your strength in work.