Executive Administrative Assistant Resume Sample

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An Executive Administrative Assistant is a valuable member of the executive team. He or she is charged with bringing together corporate objectives, long range planning, day to day operations while ensuring a smooth transition for executives who are joining and leaving the company or moving to new roles throughout the year. Administrative assistants also perform a range of clerical and administrative duties that ensure an organization continues to run smoothly. Under the broad title of administrative assistants are a number of professionals who have very specific responsibilities either on account of the industry they work in or due to the nature of admin support they provide such as executive assistant, legal assistant, medical assistant, accounting assistant etc.

Often, administrative assistants are professionals who thrive on adrenaline filled days that are never then sales twice. Successful administrative assistants do not only succeed at multitasking, they also thrive on pressure. A morning may begin with taking minutes at a meeting for the board of directors followed by running a training session for mid-level staff members on new technology, such as an internal software program. When a natural disaster at a remote office strikes, such as a tornado or hurricane, it is the administrative assistant who sends out notices to the staff to update them on what has happened. Later, it will also be the administrative assistant who has the opportunity to spearhead the department’s efforts to raise funds to help their colleagues across the country or the globe.

Skills Required for Executive Administrative Assistant

  • Technical Skills
  • Coordinating Video and Audio Conference Calls
  • Creating and Maintaining Databases
  • Administrative Skills
  • Accounting/Bookkeeping
  • Administrative Support
  • Appointments
  • Calendar Management
  • Client Relations
  • Designing and Maintaining Filing System
  • Communication Skills
  • Correspondence
  • Customer Service
  • Managing Relationships with Clients
  • Processing Telephone Calls and Requests
  • Written/Verbal Communications

Executive Administrative Assistant Resume Example

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Top-notch assistant with ten years of experience managing business relations and special project at senior management level. Serve as primary point of contact for liaison between management, sales teams, personnel clients and vendors. Maintain excellent both written and oral communication skills, problem resolution abilities, and a high level of confidentiality. Equally effective sales management and advance word processing support.


  • Administrative Support
  • Travel Arrangement
  • Expense Reporting
  • Calendar Management
  • Customer Service
  • Event Coordination
  • Project Management
  • Writing and Editing
  • Issue Resolution


ABC International New York (1991 – Present)
Executive Assistant (1996 – Present)

  • Direct business relations and distribution of company literature to stimulate client interest and sales lead.
  • Liaisons between all impacted departments to ensure proper communication and reporting practices.
  • Plan and coordinate luncheons and develop presentations for related on-site and off-site meeting.
  • Organize the details of special events, travel arrangements, corporate agendas and itineraries.
  • Provide executive-level administrative support to Vice President of Technology and twelve direct reports with a demonstrated ability to improvise, improve procedures, and meet demanding deadlines.

Administrative Assistant/Leas Word Processor (1991 – 1996)

  • As the organization’s single-person word processing department, provided document management support to 300+ corporate employees in areas of presentation, organizational charts, quarterly goal charts, financial spreadsheets, corresponding, merged mailing and unique special projects.
  • Provided administrative support to the Director of Strategic Planning, and Secondary support to the chief financial officer in secretaries’ absence in areas of calendar management and document preparation.
  • Assisted the senior Network Consultant with basic troubleshooting of hardware and software.
  • Handled accounts payable and receivable, prepare bank deposits, control inventory and maintained equipment and technology.


Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, 1990

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