Substitute Teacher Job Description Sample

Substitute Teacher Job Description – For starting as a substitute teacher, the person should have a college degree. See more.

Modern educational institutes are highly concern about the study progress of the students. They don’t want to hamper the educational process of the students. So, they give the best effort to satisfy the students. Unfortunately, many times the main teacher of the institute may remain absent in the school. It may happen for different causes. When the teacher is sick, or the teacher needs a vacation for personal purpose, they need leave. In that case, the substitute teacher continues the tutoring process for the students. He will continue the same study plan as the absent teacher.

Though the substitute teacher is necessary only when the teacher is absent, but the person needs to be skilled enough for teaching. Based on the previous course plan, the substitute teacher will instruct the students. If necessary, the person also needs to solve different problems related to study. Substitute teacher needs to keep the normal classroom rhythms for the students. There will be some policy of the school that the person needs to maintain.

For starting as a substitute teacher, the person should have a college degree. Also, he should have excellent communication skill to act with the students professionally. He also needs to maintain a healthy relationship with the students to ensure the reputation of the institute. A substitute teacher may make $14,00 per month by taking classes on holidays or vacation.

Substitute Teacher Job Description

Position: Substitute Teacher for the School

Degree: 2-year College Degree

Working Conditions: Has to work with the rules of the school and ready to give the proxy anytime

Substitute Teacher Job Description – Qualifications:

  • The candidate should have a college degree.
  • Related experience will get preference
  • Excellent communication skills to contribute to the students
  • Proper knowledge of teaching
  • Ability to follow the study plan of the main teacher
  • Should be able to provide the report to the principle

Substitute Teacher Job Description – Key Responsibilities:

We are looking for a person who is ready to serve the students as the main teacher. You don’t have to prepare new lecture plan. You will only follow the existing plan of the teacher. There will be the detail of the lecture; you will only ensure that the students are getting the same tutoring as the main tutor.

You have to interact with the students in a professional manner. We don’t want to get any complaint from the students.

As a substitute teacher, you will encourage the students in their study. After giving the lecture on a topic, you need to monitor the progress of the students. If any needed any special care for the student, you will plan for it.

In each day, you will have to prepare a written report on your class. The principle of the school will take the report for him. It should contain all essential information about the students.

We need a person who is professional to maintain a good relationship with other stuff of the school. In some cases, you may have to fulfill some other duties.

You will get the salary based on our policy. Increment will be provided based on the performance.

Substitute Teacher Job Description