Sample Administrative Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Sample Administrative Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

When you being interviewed for the position of an administrative assistant, give everything you have got to let the interviewer see that you would make a great administrative assistant. While you are preparing for general job interview questions, you should also be prepared to answer job-specific questions that will be asked during the interview.

Sample Administrative Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Q. How comfortable are you at handling multiple responsibilities?

An administrative assistant should be able to handle multiple tasks and responsibilities, so you won’t be an exception. Even if this would be your first administrative assistant job, there are times in your life that you had to multitask that you can use as point of reference.


“In my previous job, I was handling clients’ travels, organizing the calendars for over 100 staffs and managing the office. In this position, I got used to tasks directed to me on the last minute. I would write down all the task in a manner of priority to figure out the most important. Usually the most difficult responsibility was the most important, so I figured out that it all boils down prioritization and time management.”

Q. Do you think you handle stress well?

The job of an administrative assistant is unequivocally stressful. A lot of people will need your assistants to get things done. The interviewer wants to know if you can handle this type of work environment.


A perfect answer to this question is “I can honestly say that I have become comfortable at handling tress and work pressure overt time. What works best for me is to list out everything I need to do, put them in order of priority and mark them once completed. This is a routine I also you for my personal life and it keeps me focused and productive. ”

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Q. What computer programs are you good with?

As an administrative assistant, you will make use of various computer programs. Be honest because you don’t you wouldn’t want to fumble with a program you claimed you know how to use in the interview on your first day in job.


“I am well experienced with all Microsoft office programs like Word, Excel, Publisher and PowerPoint. I recently took an advanced class on Excel to get learn everything it has to offer. Also, in my previous role, I had to put up many PowerPoint presentation. ”

Why do you want this job?

There is a great chance you will be asked this question if you are switching careers without any experience with this kind of job.


Think about the advantages of the position then talk about why you want to work with the organization.

An appropriate answer will be “I really enjoy being super organized and I really love managing my time, which is what propelled me into looking for an administrative assistant position. Also, I enjoy making others happy by assisting them get their job done and this will be an amazing role for me with my personality.”


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