SAP Project Manager Job Description Sample

SAP project manager job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

SAP project managers play a key role in the success of an organization because they are responsible for the management of every facet of project growth and development from the kickoff of the project to the completion, to enable a smooth and successful delivery to the executive team.

An SAP project manager is also in charge of overseeing the project plans and developing on it to ensure a successful implementation, masterminding SAP projects to make statistical values available when reporting to the executive team. He also needs to provide official presentations to the senior project managers, inform the executives, stakeholders and other business partners on the status of the project.

In the spirit of motivating the team members to work diligently, the SAP project manager needs to portray good project leadership spirit, feedback and work direction to give room for higher chances of achieving success in the project and also ensuring that they are delivered at the right time.

The SAP project manager is obligated to devise work plans, design project schedules, establishing status report as well as resourcing plans. Although the project manager should be sure to identify and analyze project risks carefully, then better plans to lessen or annul the project risks so as not to jeopardize the entire project.

This management position requires you to make provisions for Cost-Benefit Analysis on certain business practices to accumulate feedback into the business case. Furthermore, business systems solutions must be recognized, examined and then suggested to the executive team as this would have a huge impact on the development and facilitation of the project.

An SAP project manager is liable to work with various organizations such as chemical industries, pharmaceuticals, software and networking, telecommunication, transportation, financial services, construction companies, healthcare, insurance, aerospace, and defense, etc.

SAP Project Manager Job Description Sample

Position: SAP Project Manager

Degree: Bachelor’s degree or certification as an SAP Certified Associate Project Manager

Working conditions: most business hours would be spent in the office.


  • Must have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in an area of specialty.
  • Requires 3+ years of experience as a manager.
  • Must possess managerial skills.
  • Proficient in computer usage.
  • Must have impressive interpersonal skills.
  • Communication ability, both written and orally.
  • Ability to pay attention to details carefully.
  • Must have some experience in leadership.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Implementation of the project.
  • Coordinating, guiding and leading the team members during the project development.
  • Making decisions and evaluating functional issues.
  • Documenting every information, details, and data of every project.
  • Responsible for training, leading, supporting and orientating members of the project team.
  • Training and provision of support to users of the developed product.
  • The SAP project manager is responsible for the management of the general activities pertaining to SAP implementation projects.
  • Required to report development, success, and failure of the project to the top management of the organization.
  • May provide input which would support the development of the project.
  • To ensure all laid down SAP goals and targets are accomplished within the designated period.
  • Making strategic decisions that would help achieve organizational objectives better.
  • Finding solutions to issues that might escalate during operations.
  • Co-operating with other teams or departments to achieve a better result after project completion.

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