Sample IT Architect Job Description

IT architect job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

The position of an IT architect is a crucial one in IT projects. Though they are sometimes referred to as technical architects, IT architects are found in every IT related field, and their job descriptions are largely the same.

The role of an IT architect involves the designing and creation of blueprints for complex IT solutions. They provide advice to clients on project design, costs, feasibility and expected benefits.

It is the duty of the IT architect to ascertain the profitability and feasibility of an IT project before its execution by analyzing the scope of the project and the target market. It is also the duty of the IT architect to prepare budgets for the design and execution of IT solutions.

They provide advice for their clients and evaluate existing systems to meet the specific requirements of their clients.

They identify and neutralize security threats. It is the responsibility of the IT architect to provide security and ensure the safety of the information systems.

IT architect provide IT solutions for their clients as well as training them on how to execute and utilize the design effectively. They engage in the designing and conducting of hardware and software tests to check if it matches with the design.

IT architect must be able to work with network engineers and other IT professionals to choose the best design solutions.

They provide advice to clients on project design, project costs, feasibility, and profitability.

An IT architect also works alongside other IT professionals in modeling and executing their designs. They advise other IT professionals on the best method to build IT designs.

The IT architect works as part of a team of IT professionals to deliver innovative and efficient IT solutions to an organization.

The requirements of an IT architect

Human relations is a big part of the everyday job of an IT architect, so he must possess a high-level communication and interpersonal skills in other to effectively collaborate with other professionals in executing IT projects and design.

Computer Literacy and Technical Skills: To work as an IT architect, one must be a computer-literate. Also, an IT architect must have in-depth knowledge of programming languages, as well as a deep knowledge of computer networking. They must also be efficient in applying the knowledge to designing IT programs and solving problems.

Team Play Skills: An IT architect must be a team player since the job involves collaborating with other IT professionals from different fields to get the job done.

Time Management and Organization skills: Ability to deliver projects within stipulated time, IT architects are usually required to have sound time management skills. They ought to be good at planning and organizing projects and also be able to work with a deadline.

An IT architect must be up to date with the latest IT trend, online inventions and also have a good understanding of the IT market to be able to serve their client with the latest IT solutions. They must also be innovative and be able to come up with ideas that would be marketable and profitable to their client.