Product Marketing Job Description Sample

Product marketing job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

You might have heard about how important product marketing is, or maybe that’s even what you do for a living. There have been lots of definitions for what product marketing is, people, defining it in their terms; principally when there is a comparison between product marketing and product management slides in.

Product marketing is defined to be the overall process of selling and promoting (which principally deals with advertising and publicizing) a product to a specific group of people or person either interested or non-interested. That’s right! Product marketing is all about making people who aren’t interested in a particular product develop an interest in it through persuasion and other marketing strategies, as well as ensuring current product users remain “loyal” to them. Product marketing, unlike product management, deals with marketing the product to customers, prospects, etc. as product management deals with the nitty-gritty of product development.

Here is something you probably don’t know about Product Marketing- As a product marketer, there is an opportunity of having the chance to work across all the available teams in the company. You can decide to spend most of your working hours with Product teams developing future products just as you can spend most of your working hours with marketing teams to create sales messaging and collateral content marketing messages. That is one of the reasons why you just can’t hate Product Marketing. A product marketer could be working with Product, Sales, Research and Development, Customer Success or Marketing on any given day, organizing the activities in these teams and ensuring they are top-notch to satisfy the needs and expectations of customers.

Due to these diverse activities, it is the reason there are confusions about the exact job of a product marketer; either from their colleagues or even among some marketers themselves.

Product Marketer Job Description Sample

Position: Product Marketer

Degree: Bachelor’s degree in Business, marketing or communications.

Working conditions: most business hours would be spent in the office.


  • A high ranking and an eminent degree in Marketing or any degree related to Business. For example, BBA, M.A. or M.S. in Marketing, MBA, M.A. or M.S. in I-O (Industrial-organizational) Psychology.
  • Must have adequate work experience in associated areas.
  • A computing or engineering background is considered as a valuable plus, considering the highly quantitative constituent of the role.
  • A major skill is to be really good at interacting with technical staff, colleagues and third parties.

Key Responsibilities:

  • As a product marketer, you must be able to develop a good messaging ability with customers, i.e., being able to translate technical languages of the product to a customer-friendly language after understanding vividly what the customer needs.
  • You will be responsible for the provisions of information that are required by the sales force to boost product sales.
  • Must make sure all tasks assigned to him are completed.
  • Required to build and maintain a relationship with the customers to study and understand their needs vividly.
  • You have a responsibility of supporting the sales and market teams via training, sales tools and using your expertise as a marketer to ensure they develop more ability to sell products effectively.
  • Must be able to organize marketing programs that will steadily generate revenue and high quality leads for the company.

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