Top 7 Sample Interview Questions and Answers for Medical Secretary

Here are top 7 sample interview questions and answers for medical secretary for you to prepare and get ready for the dream job you want.

Medical secretaries work at hospitals and clinic, where they provide assistance to the staffs of the facility. Some of their jobs include answering phone calls, management of patient appointments, filing and data entry and assist doctors and nurses with medical procedures on few occasions.

Medical Secretary Interview Questions and Answers

Examine some of the likely questions you will be asked when you go for medical secretary interview and master the answers for a successful interview.

1. What are your duties as a medical secretary?

On a typical day at work, I screen phone calls, deliver messages and schedule appointments which and follow up and announce scheduled patients. I also arrange meetings, conferences and travel details and provide information to patients about their diagnosis and treatments.

2. How do you manage troubled patients?

When a patient comes to a hospital, it is almost certain that such person is in distress, therefore there is no need to make them more distressed by being rude. I always use the sympathetic approach which keep my temper under check and I have employed this for years because it is effective.

3. Where do you see yourself six years from now?

My greater goal is to train as a nurse and work in that capacity.

4. How do you plan to cope with the administrative role of this position?

I have the ability and experience to deal with correspondence and also manage medical research when the need arises. I am also comfortable with tasks such as managing doctor’s calendars and scheduling patients’ appointments.

5. What skills to you think a medical secretary must possess to be successful?

Basic skills to perform secretarial duties such as typing, filing, copying, excellent telephone communication, faxing are invaluable. It is also important for medical secretaries to be familiar with scheduling, possess excellent time management and coordination skill. A proper understanding of medical jargon and diagnostics are also very important.

6. Apart from administrative and clerical activities, what other jobs have you performed as part of your role as a medical secretary?

On my previous appointment, I was saddled with the responsibility of sending patient samples for testing purposes and delivering test results. In addition, I was also monitored the office budget to ensure all expenditure were done within the organization’s financial plan.

7. Why do you think you are the best candidate to work for a medical facility like ours?

Experience-wise, I have worked in medical facilities where high volume of work and traffic is normal, just like it is here. I am well aware of the pressure and challenges working at the position of a medical secretary pose and I have mastered them effectively. I have deep insight for secretarial work especially to a large medical facility and I am comfortable with working on a rotating shift