Sales Representative Job Description Sample

Sales representative job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

Every company wants its product to reach the clients and the customers in order to increase the sale and fill the revenues as well. This can be done by the sales representatives who work from door to door to sell the product and increase its sale by making it a customer’s favorite. The job includes selling, traveling, making inside deals with the clients, making sale plans, keeping an eye on the client’s demands and product’s expectations and fulfilling these demands by negotiating with the client and the production teams as well.

You can scroll through the sample given below to have a good idea about writing a job description for a sales representative.

Sales Representative Job Description Sample

Position: Sales Representative

Degree: Diploma from a high school or any college degree

Working conditions: He has to work in the field and in the office as well so his job will require him to travel as well


  • Must have a degree from a high school or any diploma related to marketing to do this job
  • Must have an experience of almost 1 year in the sales and marketing business for any well-reputed company
  • Must have good managerial and organizational skills to make sales while working as a sales representative
  •  Must have good communication skills to communicate with the customers and the clients while making sales
  • Must be able to work under deadlines and tight schedules and handle the pressure to meet the sales targets and goals
  • Must have an insight into the accounts to handle the sales stocks of the product that he is selling
  • Must be able to operate the computer software to report his sales on daily basis
  • Must have analytical skills to analyze the likings and demands of the clients
  • Must have excellent verbal and interpersonal skills while making deals with the customers and the clients

Key responsibilities:  

We at ProWash and Co. are looking to hire sales representatives for our company. We sell washing powders and detergents so we are looking for people who could go door to door to sell our products in the Bristol neighborhoods. We would appreciate high schools graduates who are willing to work under the above conditions.

The main duties include the inside sales and the outside sales. The inside sales include the sales which will be made in the office with the clients. The person will have to negotiate with the client while making the deals. The outside sales will be the sales to the customers which will be done while working in the field. So the sales Representative have to travel a lot while working.

Good communication skills are a must-have to do this job as he will have to deal with the clients. A Confident and energetic individual will be given preference. We are looking to hire a bunch of people so if you think you can cope up with the flexible hours of work and tight deadlines along with loads of travel, you can apply for this job via email or postal source.