Sample MBA Interview Questions and Answers

Here are the sample interview questions and answers that MBA applicants need to know well. More info and tips you can find and check by yourself according to your situation.

The interview is indeed the last step, and the toughest round to clear when applying for your MBA. This is so because even with months of fervent preparations no one is sure what question will be asked during the personal interview.

Interview questions are drawn from qualification, personal life, job experience, hobbies, strength and weaknesses, ambition and general knowledge. We have some MBA interview questions and answers to help you prepare ahead of your MBA interview.

Sample Interview Questions and Answers for MBA

Q. Tell me something about yourself

This is the most asked question in an interview, however it is tricky. Your answer should be a summary of your resume. It should summarize your education and academic qualifications. It should also include a bit about your family background, interest and hobbies not forgetting your strength and life goals.

Q. Why MBA?

The ideal answer for a fresher is that an MBA would be your perfect launch pad to fit into the corporate world. Apart from imparting the necessary skillset required for your career, MBA will also fine tune the intra personal skills you already possess. It will transform you from an ordinary individual to a professional.

Q. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

When stating your strengths, you should sound ambitious, dedicated, hardworking, innovative eager to learn more, etc. Don’t just give words of your strengths, explain with examples. You must justify any weakness you will mention and support them with one or more statements. Something like “I am a slow starter, I take time to plan things before acting” is a typical example of how to say your weakness.

Q. What are your short term and long term goals?

Your short term goal should include acquiring knowledge about the corporate world and acquiring the right set of skills to excel in it. You should also mention that you will try and settle in a job that suitably meets your skillset and knowledge.

Long term goals are within the next five to ten year. If you don’t have any long term goals in mind, it is safe to say “I would like to excel in my area of specialization.” You may also share your dream business with the interviewer(s) if you have any.

Q. General awareness or social issues

Be diplomatic with your answers and don’t give extreme solutions. Be yourself, don’t act too smart and speak within the experience of your age group. Be careful not to give incredible answers and be modest in proffering alternating solutions.