Medical Secretary Job Description Sample

Medical Secretary Job Description Sample

Medical secretary job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

The Medical profession is somehow a very hectic profession since s doctor has to deal with all types of patients and give them the proper attention and care. In such conditions, it becomes hard to make a proper record of all the patients and make sure that they get the right time for the appointments and the right amount of care and time. Therefore a doctor needs a person who can work in collaboration with his needs making sure that the patient’s records are filled in every day and a track of everything is kept effectively. Such a person is called a medical secretary. A medical secretary has a very high profile job in hospitals and clinics where he has to do the managerial and administrative jobs.  He should have good knowledge about medical terms, should be able to cope up with the tight schedule and should be able to handle the records and inventory as well.

If you are looking to hire someone for this type of job, make sure that he has the professional knowledge regarding the medical sciences, should be able to handle and deal with the patients and should be proficient in communication and computer skills. Scroll through the sample given below to get a better idea about the job description for such a job.

Medical Secretary Job Description Sample

Position: Medical secretary with 3-year of experience

Degree: Bachelor’s degree in healthcare

Working conditions: Office based job


  • Bachelor’s degree in any healthcare field with a 3-year experience of the relevant post
  • Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Should be proficient with handling the healthcare system databases to keep patient’s records
  • Accepts the payments and guides the patient about the insurance structure
  • Should have excellent managerial and administrative skills

Key responsibilities:

I am a medical professional and I have my own clinic for my medical practice in Brooklyn named as Martin’s MediCare. I am looking for a person having a strong medical background as well as a clerical background as well. I want to hire someone who can work as my secretary in my clinic.

The job requires the person to have some knowledge about the medical profession and should be able to make the patients records based upon the prescriptions and notes. He should have an idea about keeping a track of the clinic’s regular patients, their appointments, and their payments.

The jobs is that of a secretary as well as of a manager where the person has to manage the appointments, fixes the patient issues, and keep in close contact with me as well.

Having a little know-how about the insurance guidelines would be great as the patients always have queries regarding this issue. I am looking for a person who is good at solving problems, highly enthusiastic, has excellent communication skills and is professional regarding his job.

If you think you have the required experience and skills, you can apply for this job at my email.

Thank you