Human Resources Generalist Resume Sample

Here is a sample of human resources generalist resume – Feel free to copy-paste and adapt it to build your resume to apply for the job you want. The following resume format can be also utilized for an entry-level hr generalist resume sample, hr generalist resume with 3 years experience, as well as hr generalist recruiter.

HR Generalist Roles and Responsibilities

Human Resources Generalist jobs are for individuals who are creative, enthusiastic and have excellent communication and “people” skills. Most generalist jobs require that you have some experience in the field before hiring you for a full-time position. Leadership experience in HR related issues is a plus when applying and decision-making skills are also important as a pre-requisite for any HR position.

As an HR generalist, you will be the point person on all human resource-related issues and will most likely be working directly with people in high management positions as well as front line employees.

You may be asked to develop company training programs and train employees as necessary. You also may be responsible for employee compensation programs and other programs dealing with employee benefits. You must be able to work efficiently with all employee-related issues and report pertinent information back to HR management. You will be an integral part of the HR management team and will be expected to be professional at all times.

Human Resources Generalist Skills

There are many skills and attributes that you must have in order to perform successfully as an HR generalist.

Most important, you must be passionate about your work and truly committed to making your job the best it can be. Organizational performance should be your top priority.

You must be able to find ways to reach company goals, work efficiently with employee compensation programs, look for ways to improve employee relations, lead project management teams and explore workers compensation and other benefit programs.

You also must make sure that the organization’s ergonomic programs meet governmental standards. Finally, you must be up-to-date on all laws and regulations relating to HR processes and issues.

  • Multitasking. The list of responsibilities that an HR generalist has is long and daunting.
  • Public Speaking. An HR generalist always is looking for employment candidates who can fulfill company needs.
  • Analytical Skills.
  • Leadership.
  • Future Planning.

Human Resources Generalist Resume Example

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seasoned Human Resources Generalist with over 14 years extensive and diversified experience in all facts of human resources, safety, security, training, risk management and organizational development in the public and private sectors. Recognized as a results-oriented change agent and production floor manager with excellent leadership and communication skills and thrive in an environment where strategic and tactical solutions and unyielding integrity are critical to success


ABCDSF Marketplace Corporation Bloomington, MN (2015 – Present)
HR Generalist

  • Establish Initial human resources department while supporting 290 employees.
  • Implement HRIS software and wrote appropriate procedures manual.
  • Implement AA/EEO policies, training procedures and train all managers and supervisors in human resources, safety, staffing, employee relation, appraisals and job descriptions.
  • Establish standards of staff development in performance management, leadership development, cultural awareness, workplace violence avoidance and other program as needs were identified.
  • Assume additional responsibilities as department head for safety and risk management in 20xx.

ABC MEDICAL SOLUTIONS, Miami, Florida (20xx – 20xx)
Coordinator, Human Resources/Safety/Recruitment

  • Interpreted regulations and supported the interest of 427 thousands taxpaying citizens of the country.
  • Coordinated personal and administrative staffing duties including recruitment and retention.
  • Conducted weekly orientation and training sessions for normally 12 new hire on policies and procedures and benefit programs enrollment on a weekly basis.
  • Appointed to serve as Affirmative Action Officer and ensure annual EEO compliance for county.


Bachelor of Science Human Resources Management

REFERENCE – Available on Request

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