Maintenance Manager Job Description Sample

Maintenance manager job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

For different projects related to construction and some mechanical works, the companies need a maintenance manager. The person who is working in the position needs to oversee the projects update, maintain the schedule, coordinating with the team, etc. This is a mid-level job where need the person who has a good experience in the related field. There is a little formal education required to work in this position. Experience in the field is more valuable than the academic education.

The person who works as a maintenance manager needs to develop the maintenance procedures and ensuring implementation. Based on the company size and the type, the work may vary.

In some cases, the person needs to do inspections of facilities to identify and resolve issues. He will instruct the workers to complete the repairing works. Also, he needs to monitor equipment inventory and place orders when necessary for the project. Cost management and controlling the budget is also a part of the managerial maintenance works.

The person will maintain the relationship with the contractors and other service providers to get the essential goods at the right time. Need to communicate with the other workers such as plumbers, carpenter, etc. to keep the project running smoothly.

Maintenance Manager Job Description Sample

Position: Maintenance Manager for the Company

Degree: High School Degree or Diploma in Construction works

Working Conditions: Need to stay in the project field for ensuring the improvement of the project


  • High School degree with 1-year experience in the related field
  • Should have excellent communications skills
  • Management skill to run the team to complete projects on time
  • Should have good command over computers
  • Should be able to solve small issues on the project site
  • Maintaining the work plan and collaborate with other workers

Key responsibilities:

We are looking for a person who has worked on different projects as a project manager. We are looking for someone who has a great responsibility about work and ready to serve the best for the company.

As a maintenance manager, you have to do a wide range of works for the company. The main work of you will coordinate with the construction workers. Also, you need to identify what is required for the projects. You will be responsible for the project updates.

You should have a good communication skill to deal with the contractors and other service providers. You should have the mentality of coordination for the project.

Currently, we have a variety of projects including painting, construction, mechanical works, etc. So, you should have a good knowledge of these works. Also, you need to identify where to make improvements to finish the projects in time.

As a maintenance manager, you should have some administrative skills to keep the project smooth and hassle-free. Under your supervision, the workers will complete the projects.

We are offering an excellent work environment for our workers. Also, you will get all benefits from the company as per company policy. We will monitor the work progress for further decisions.