Front Desk Receptionist Job Description Sample

Front Desk Receptionist Job Description Sample

Front desk receptionist job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

The front desk receptionist works in an organization, an office or an administrative support position generally in the lobby or in the waiting area of the company .The basic duty performed by this individual is to receive and greet visitors, clients and even patients in an organization or hospital.

He or she also answers queries about the company and its policies, its products and the services that the company provides. Other duties include directing the visitors to the people that they want to meet, sorting out and handling all mail, answering the phone, fixing up appointments for the boss and for the people who would like to get in touch with the senior managers of the company. Filing, maintain records, data entry and also different office communication tasks like handling faxes and emails.

In certain office sand organizations the front desk receptionist also has financial responsibilities that include book – keeping. Sometimes the receptionist  also performs ‘security duties” like verification of the identity of the employees,  issuing  passes to the visitors and also observing and reporting any kind of suspicious  activities or persons .

Since she is the face of the company or organization and the first business contact that a person meets on entering the office, she must always exude a sense of calm and courteous professionalism. The personal qualities that she must possess include a well-groomed and immaculate appearance, attentiveness to detail, the ability to deal with situations in a mature manner, a sense of loyalty to the organization, dependability and also appositive attitude.

The job description of the front desk receptionist entails having to deal with different kinds of people with varying demands and personalities. At the same time she is also expected to be proficient in multitasking which can be stressful.  In some organization the position is considered to be a servile one while in others the job profile is considered as one which has an element of glamor as well as sophistication.

A smart front desk receptionist would use the opportunity during her working hours to learn and familiarize herself with the working of the office and slowly and steadily advance to higher position and administrative jobs within the office.

However, in a small doctor’s or lawyer’s office, she would also have to shoulder other duties and responsibilities like that of the office manager. In the hospital sector which works round the clock, the desk receptionist who does the night shift has the responsibility of consolidating and reporting the daily account.

Some of the must have attributes for this job possession of excellent phone skills and manners, a clear and pleasing voice, strong technical and offices kills. At the same time if she is a naturally tactful, diplomatic and courteous then she is definitely an asset to the organization.

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