Restaurant Manager Job Description Sample

Restaurant Manager Job Description Sample

Restaurant manager job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

This is a critical role that requires utmost dedication of the professional in the food processing and hospitality industry. Restaurant managers have enormous tasks that include staff supervision and training, staff hiring, budget management and approval, setting safety guidelines, healthy rules and ensuring proper hygiene. They also work on designing menus and making sure that there is strict adherence to licensing.

They are saddled with the responsibility of maintaining the integrity and image of the restaurant while working tirelessly to retain their profit margin. They need special inner strength to endure pressure because they will need to handle several tasks regardless of how large or small the restaurant they work for. The quality of the organization’s performance depends largely on them.

In essence, any job seeker who wishes to go into this discipline must be mentally and physically prepared to face the huge work ahead. Marketing skills, managerial experience and willingness to think outside the box are important things to be put to use.

Restaurant Manager Job Description Sample

Position: Restaurant Manager

Degree: A degree or HND in Business or management; hospitality management; hotel and catering.

Working condition: Can be required to work in an office or indoors, kitchen and in an area close to the house.


  • Should possess previous specialized work experience in customer service and human relations.
  • Must have exemplary interpersonal skills for being in charge of staff and customers. You must be adept at dealing with them.
  • Must have adequate skills in written and oral communication for the management of issues about commercial personnel.
  • You should be prepared to endure intense pressure when the workload mounts on your shoulders. This is because restaurant management duties are demanding.
  • Must have a strong and accurate knowledge of business for the sole purpose of accomplishing best output.
  • You must be a vibrant team player and possess leadership skills that will help you in leading a team as occasions may call for it.
  • Skills in effective planning and organizational acumen will be great advantage to run operations.
  • Must be able to stand alone sometimes to make certain Self-confidence is also vital when required to work independently.
  • Must be ready to find solutions to problems when they come.

Key responsibilities

  • Responsible for the business performance of the restaurant.
  • Required to plan the rate of sales and make an analysis of their financial returns.
  • Responsible for organizing activities such as discount promos and special offer programs that will promote marketing.
  • Write comprehensive reports at the end of each week which include food regulation, staff regulation, and sales.
  • Oversee and carry out plans to aid sales at the department level, monitor gains, and staff growth.
  • Assist in setting budgets and seek the endorsement of the executives.
  • Required to plan menus.
  • Preside over the activities of the restaurant when scheduled shifts are on.
  • Responsible for training, employment, management and motivating the members of staff.
  • Attend to customers in a friendly approach, make table reservations for clients and give professional tips on choosing the right items from the menu.
  • Maintenance of maximum standards of healthy environment, safety regimen, quality control and hygiene.
  • Required to monitor stock rates, arrange for supplies and make preparations for cash drawers.
  • Saddled with the duty of attending to complaints of customers, supervising several programs at the same time and multi-tasking in the midst of a beehive of activities.
  • Responsible for overseeing other restaurants as may be demanded by the management. This requires much traveling and mobility.