Entry Level Technical Support Resume Sample

Here is a sample of entry level technical support resume – Feel free to copy-paste and adapt it to build your resume to apply for the job you want. The following resume template can be also utilized for a technical support engineer.


As a fresh out of school graduate, there are loads of opportunities to land an Entry Level job position, but can’t and won’t be found on a platter of gold. Besides, your academic prowess, possessing the required skills and crafting an efficient Entry Level resume would determine if you’ll get that dream position. The fear most times is usually on filling the vacuum of experience. However, you can easily bypass such vacuum by applying in different potential firms and organizations as a trainee or intern.

From the name Technical Support, it can be inferred that the basic requirement of such a resume would be concentration on technical skills and resilience, before the inclusion of relevant educational details. Being a technical support for a company goes beyond punching a few keys on the computer and responding to some calls. Rather, it entails a high level of computer expertise, that would help in coordinating naturally monotonous works with the aid of technological utilities, for effective running of the office, and still effectively conserving time.

Hence, in writing your technical support resume, you’ll need to focus more on the relevant skills. You can do this by making use of powerful but not exaggerated words, highlighting the facts that you are efficient at what you do, rather than just testing your hands on a given opportunity (No one wants a liability). Having given a professional summary of your skills, move further by stressing on your core qualities and experience gained in the span of your study years and job seeking year (internship experience would come in handy). With your skills coming foremost in your resume, you can back it up with your educational background, stressing majorly on the relevant qualification.

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Entry Level Technical Support Resume Example with Little Experience

Full Name
[Address and Contact Info]

Career Summary:

Passionate Technical Support subordinate that is acquainted with the need for support professionals to aid in knowledge and capacity building. Mostly identified as being willing to learn what is necessary and when necessary to finish assigned works in record time and delivering excellent customer service. Possess a work ethic that posits that the technician is able to learn from each customer.


  • Efficient Knowledge of Technology
  • Efficient Interpersonal Relationship Capacity
  • Capable of Multitasking
  • Willingness to Serve and Learn


Skilled Technician
20th March 2013 – Present
Limelight Tech Consult
New Jersey, NJ

  • Responded professionally to customer dissatisfaction and inquiries.
  • Submitted the call log at the end of each work day to management for accountability.
  • Assigned to work on classified projects for larger clients.

Sales Assistant

1st of July 2012 – 3rd of January 2013
GL Solutions
New York, NY

  • Handled sales orders and scheduled delivery date for each order.
  • Assisted in the updating of the system with newer products and their respective prices per month.


College Diploma

Freeman College
New Jersey, NJ


  • Shall be made available on request

***This is only the entry level technical support resume that we present to you to build it by yourself. Good luck and get the right job soon. 

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