Camp Counselor Resume Sample

Camp Counselor Resume Sample

Here is a sample of camp counselor resume – Feel free to copy-paste and adapt it to build your resume to apply for the job you want. The following resume template can be also utilized for a camp counselor, summer camp counselor, camp counselor personal, and professional camp counselor.


Camp Counselor is responsible for maintaining children or students participating in camp activities. They guide them in creating activities such as camping, sightseeing and other fun things. They have responsibility for the care of people who participate in the camp to have fun and learn at the same time.

As a camp counselor, you may be hired for a day job or one that spans several days or weeks. Depending on the type of camping you want to run, you can apply for jobs that include days in the wilderness, or one that is short in nature – the type where you have to direct the camp activities only during the day.

Camp counselors must be knowledgeable about youth programs and recreational activities and should be able to plan and implement individual and group activities in the camp. Advanced knowledge of CPR and first aid need to be camp counselors are often faced with emergency situations. Depending on the type of camp activities that lead may need to be a good swimmer, meet other hiking and playing physical games. You must have strong interpersonal and communication skills and be able to handle difficult situations with tact.

Skills Required for Camp Counselor

  • Understanding the base camp and assigned to identify ways to start
  • Creating camp plans such as determining the types of activities which will be included and their implementation
  • Provide and implement a week/month / day for each camp group
  • Provide activities and calendars with members of the camp
  • Organize and conduct a variety of activities, including hiking, night hiking, swimming, archery, canoeing and family
  • Determine the type of parameters for each camp activities and places which are prepared for the proper implementation of each activity
  • Ensure the equipment and supplies required for each activity and place orders for those who are not available
  • Identify actions or behavior problems with participants and ensure that they are well taken care of

Camp Counselor Resume Example

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Enthusiastic camp counselor with more than five years of experience in the supervision and guidance of camp groups to ensure a positive field and experienced consolidation. Very skilled in planning, organization, and implementation of appropriate age and maintaining a constant number of trailer activities. Works with the staff and participants to ensure continued compliance. A proactive person who is an expert on the participants familiar with the camp rules, activities, schedules and traditions of the camp daily.


  • Conducted a group of campers aged through physical and mental activity program
  • Created, implemented and targeted to 5 groups of children with special needs, thus increasing the confidence of participants
  • Stopped a potentially harmful situation for the bear attack, the risk quickly to avoid distracting the beast
  • Development of a manual with the camp’s core business, which is now used as the main source of training materials for all participants of the camp


Camp Counselor | 8/2013 to Present
ABC Education, Brooklyn, NY

  • Create and organize activities for all tastes and requirements of participants.
  • Implement appropriate activities for age in accordance with standard procedures.
  • Monitor the camp activities to ensure that they are conducted properly.
  • Do campers on trails and paths after making sure they understand the rules of safety.
  • Take responsibility for the security of all participants follow the rules and protocols correctly.
  • Pay attention to the behavior of camp and to ensure that the fault or error gaps are filled in correctly.

Camp Counselor | 5/2010 to 8/2013
XYZ Company, Tampa, FL

  • Ensured that all necessary procedures followed and to connect the participants and to resolve problems like delays and emissions.
  • Kept active and engaged in fun activities and exciting campers.
  • Interacted with children and parents in a professional but friendly to maintain confidence.
  • Made sure that all participants followed the proper rules for each activity and gave advice when needed to understand.
  • Took the lead in difficult situations, such as accidents or arguments that would immediately solve the problem.
  • Assume responsibility for materials and equipment used during the activity and made sure that any damage or problem was to immediately be reported to maintain a safe environment.


Associate of Arts in Sociology – 2010
University Of Boston, Boston, MA

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***This is only the camp counselor resume that we present to you to build it by yourself. Good luck and get the right job soon. 

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