Technical Support Resume Sample

Technical Support Resume Sample and Required Skills

Technical Support Resume Sample and Required Skills

Technical Support Resume Sample – A Technical Support (often abbreviated to tech support) refers to a number of services that companies provide assistance to users of technology products such as mobile phones, televisions, computers, software or other computer equipment, electronic or mechanical. In general, technical support services address specific problems with a product or service. Most companies offer technical support for the products they sell, whether free or paid. Support can be delivered via e-mail, live support software on the website or tool in which users can connect to the call or incident. Large organizations often have internal technical support available for their staff for computer related problems. The web can be a good source freely available tech support, where experienced users to help learners find solutions to their problems

Key Skills Should Be Considered While Writing A Technical Support Resume

  • Excellent analytical, problem solving and troubleshooting.
  • Superior communication (oral and written), customer service and interpersonal skills.
  • Independent player and team player if necessary.
  • MS Office skills and knowledge of software for tracking.
  • The ability to multi-task and priorities effectively.
  • Poised and patient when dealing with customers.

Technical Support Resume Sample

[Street, City, State, Zip, Phone, Email]


Specialist methodological technical, precise and systematic that provides the skills to assess the potential of the system, testing of new programs and the integration of the STS system. 7+ years of experience in providing unparalleled technical support.


  • Metric Analysis
  • System Configuration
  • Mac OS and Windows software
  • Management Linux
  • Programming problems and resolutions
  • Program Management SQL
  • RMC management and office management support
  • Maintenance plans Software
  • Data files Software


  • Helping customers about technical problems with our additives.
  • Answer questions from customers and potential customers about the features and capabilities of our widget.
  • Communicate Needs of customers with our engineering staff.
  • Troubleshooting Internet protocols, such as SSH, FTP, SFTP and HTTP
  • The use of diagnostic tools such as Trace Route
  • Configure and start the server
  • Functional and technical support, troubleshooting, and hardware and software troubleshooting
  • Deployment and configuration of computers, workstations and laptops.
  • Configuration And Outlook support.
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ABC Communications, MN
Technical Support Specialist (Feb 2012 – Present)

  • Implement software tickets at Sys-Aid, which has reduced more than 50% of customer complaints to detect and prevent failures in the proactive system.
  • Update 50 + computers manually to Windows 8, as well as the company’s request.
  • Keep fully updated with new software goods issued by the company and sell out most to every calling potential clients and help them set up and use the product as possible.
  • Provide users an effective business consulting – answer phone calls, emails and live applications.
  • Install, configure and test PC client software analyzed the functionality of the device accessories.

DEF Communications, Kansas City, KS 
Technical Support Representative (July 2008 – Nov. 2011)

  • Worked with the staff of the company to optimize the working environment and customer service.
  • Trained staff in the sales department and a guide to help customers choose the right product.
  • Collected data through telephone calls from customers to identify and report problems with the product.
  • Maintained accounts and made reports measurements, mass data management and verification of processed requests, questions, customers problems, API management platform social networks


B.S. Degree in Computer and Information Technology 2007
University of Ohio

REFERENCES – Available on request.

***This is only the technical support resume sample that we present to you to build it by yourself. Good luck and get the right job soon.

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Technical Support Resume Sample and Writing Tips

Technical Resume Sample and Required Skills

Technical Support Resume Sample – Technical skills are the expertise, capabilities and knowledge needed in order to perform specialized duties related to a particular field. A person can have technical skills in engineering, electricity, language or computer. Managers often require technical skills for proper communication with workers and coordination of efforts. Most job descriptions specify the technical skills that are required, with some qualities being both personal and technical. Technical skills and abilities are acquired through learning and practice and help an individual to complete specific tasks. Listing technical skills shows the strengths and abilities of a job applicant.

Key Skills Should Be Considered While Writing A Technical Support Resume

  • Accuracy
  • Detail oriented
  • Quality focused
  • Good phone etiquette
  • Customer focused
  • Project management skills
  • Planning abilities
  • Critical thinking
  • Fast problem solving
  • Good listening skills
  • Good judge of character


Sample Technical Resume

Ana Bellidimo
Address and Contact Info.


Executive Administrative Assistant with many years of experience providing skillful and thorough support to senior executives, and possessing successful project management skills as an executive administrative assistant as well as systems administration. Also, worked as a salesperson for a number of years, and acquired great management experience and received excellent feedback from clients.


  1. Time management. I have had to work with tight schedules before and managed to meet all deadlines and deliver work on time.
  2. Bookkeeping skills. I have earned this quality from being an Executive Administrative Assistant whereby records have to be well kept and regularly updated.
  3. Good communication ability. Frequent communication is needed as a salesperson. I learnt the different ways of persuading customers and providing good customer service, as there is the requirement of establishing a rapport with people from diverse backgrounds.
  4. Quick decision-making. There is the pressure of prompt decision-making when working as a part of the Executive Administrative team. Sometimes quick and reasonable decisions have to be made in this position.
  5. Project management. Acquired this quality while undertaking a project that was completed successfully.
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Executive Administrative Assistant, 2012 – Present
Merkle Group Inc.
Perform the following tasks

  • Project Management
  • Group training
  • Providing client service
  • Curriculum development

Salesperson, 2010 – 2012
Merkle Group Inc.
Performed the following tasks:

  • Researching for new markets
  • Marketing the company’s products
  • Training new recruits
  • Making follow-up calls


Bachelor’s Degree in Administration, 2009
Keiser University School, CA


Emilia Lilly Bermudez, Dean of Students, Keiser University
Andy Fisher, Chief Analytics, Merkle Group Inc.

***This is only the technical resume sample that we present to you to build it by yourself. Good luck and get the right job soon. Technical support job description