Top 5 Sample Technical Support Interview Questions and Answers

The job of a technical support executive is to assist customers with any technical problems they encounter with the product of the company. Like every other job interview, you need to be prepared before you set out to take an interview for technical support position. Here is a collection of expected questions you may encounter in interviews and the appropriate answers;

Sample Technical Support Interview Questions and Answers

Q. Tell us about your basic technical experience and qualifications.

This question is a definite ice breaker. This is a question you will face in almost all technical support job interviews.


An effective answer to this pertinent question is to simply summarize your technical qualification and skill. You can also talk about the products and technologies you have worked on.

A typical answer is “I am a BE – Electronics graduate with distinction and have a 3 years working experience in electronics industry. I have the opportunity of working in a technical team that developed Top Drip Technology”

Q. What do you know about our products and company?

The intention of this question is to know your level of interest and preparedness for the position.


Read the job advertisement thoroughly and carefully go through their website to have a basic knowledge about them. It is an interview, so you are not expected to know every details about their products, however, displaying a basic knowledge will give you an edge over other candidates.

Q. What steps do you take for solving a technical problem?

This is a typical question you should be prepared to answer because it checks your familiarity with technical support procedures and processes. If you are hired, the answer you provide here will enable the interviewer to arrange your training.


State the major steps you take when solving a problem and also say that you know that every firm has a different set of processes or procedure, which you are able to adapt to in no time.

Q. What is your expected time for an average call?

This question test for your efficiency, problem solving abilities, technical knowledge, communication and most importantly, your interest in customer satisfaction Although you are expected to solve a problem as fast as you can, but solving a customer’s problem is also important.


You can give an answer like “The time required to solve a problem depends on its complication, but, from experience, most customers often face similar problems. We can resolve the call within 3-4 minutes. As a technical support personnel, customer satisfaction is important to me. ”

Q. What tools do you think are most important when troubleshooting and solving a problem?

This is also a test of your experience on the job, technicality and how independent you are.


Knowledge, experience team members and manuals are some of essential tools for troubleshooting. However, be careful not to exhibit support from team members as your stronghold because you are expect to be independent while dealing with customers most of the times.