Sample CEO Interview Questions and Answers

The job of a CEO is very important as well as delicate. For this reasons, recruiters try to understand a lot of things about a potential CEO in an interview. They look out for their values, purpose, career history, values, successes and their achievements in their career to mention a few.

Sample CEO Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some questions you should be prepared for during an interview for the post of a CEO and the appropriate answers;

Q. Why do you want this CEO job?

Companies hire people who are very passionate about the job, so you should be ready to provide a great answer to this question.


Politely present your passion and desire to work for a company that is growth-incline, forward looking and committed to providing their employees a better place to work.

Q. How successful have you been so far?

The success of an organization lies on the shoulders of a CEO, interviewers ask this questions to picture how successful or how far you can go in achieving success for the organization.


Exhibiting great confidence and presenting a realistic picture of your successes are your best responses. You can state that so far, you are satisfied with your career and it has progressed according to plans. Giving credits to your role models and superiors would paint you a good learner and listener.

Q. You seem over-qualified or too experienced for this position. What’s your opinion?

This might be a startling question. It might be a trick or a sincere question. Whichever it is, you want to be careful with vetting your opinion (answering the question)


Start by talking about your desire to have a long and satisfying working experience with the organization. Also state how your experience and qualification can create new opportunities to the company. You can end it on an intelligent note that a company with vast business like the company would want well qualified staffs to increase their market presence and the CEO is important in order to achieve this. Therefore, there is no place for economizing.

Q. How long would you stay with us?

The timeline of an employee with an employer is dependent on a number of factors and vice versa.


The only valid answer to this question is that you are looking forward to a productive and long career with the company. You should also emphasize that you have decided to work for the company because reasons such as their reputation, quality in the market and the future that the company projects.

Q. How long will it take you to make a meaningful impact to this company?

The job of a CEO is to run the company and drive it into the future. Therefore the plan of the CEO will direct all other employees. You are advised to do a thorough research of the company before you appear for the interview.


Try to identify lags and problems you have noticed from your research and offer them as possibilities. Propose time frames for improvement provided that normal circumstances are in play, with you will have to specify as well.