Vice President of Operations Resume Sample

Vice President of Operations Resume Sample

Here is a sample of vice president of operations resume – Feel free to copy-paste and adapt it to build your resume to apply for the job you want. The following resume template can be also utilized for a vice president, and director of operations.


The vice presidents of operations are experts of all the functions that happen in the company. They have to be good at accounting and should know all the legal procedures of the company.

All the heads of department and the other important members of the management report to the vice president. They talk all the reports from them and make interpretations from it. They also closely watch the budgets of all the departments and ensure that they do not overshoot it. Most companies also have to be in connection with the media, and they take their help in announcing important plans of the company.

The vice presidents are mostly the ones who face the media. Hence, they need to have good communication skills. They have to be up to date on the subject about which they are speaking to the media. They have to be able to handle the pressure of the questions by the media.

Even when they are speaking to the media about a negative aspect of the company, they have to remain composed at all times.

Duties and Responsibilities

Some Responsibilities that Vice President of Operations Should Know Before Writing Their Resume

  • The vice presidents have to be the important decision makers of the company.
  • They have to plan out strategies and oversee their implementation.
  • They have to coordinate with all the departments of the company to ensure that all things work smoothly.
  • They have to work closely with all the departmental heads and ensure that none of the departments overshoot their budgets.
  • During the period of final accounts, they have to work closely with the accounting department of the company and should know all about accounting themselves.
  • They have to monitor the profits and losses of the company and ensure that the profits are growing steadily each year.
  • If there is a problem and the company suffers losses, they have to go back to the drawing board, analyze the problem and make changes accordingly.
  • They have see to it that the debts of the company do not exceed the assets of the company.
  • They have to ensure that the company is in growth.

Vice President of Operations Resume Sample


Street, City, State, Zip,Phone, Email Address


Over Twelve years impressive success in the high-tech sector, running company-wide operational functions and leading large scale projects, from inception to successful completion, while making/executing sound strategic decisions. Passionately striving towards constant improvement – Excellent leadership, organization, and people management abilities.


BROWNSTONE CORPORATION, Atlanta, GC (2016-Present)


Direct all manufacturing and assembly functions of 15 instruments produced by Brownstone and Worldwide Service. Manage team of 130 plus supplier and buyer relationships.

Accountable for $25 million in OEM sales and $35 million in service warranties. Implement quality metrics to track business needs and lead diverse projects. Collaborate with R&D on products in development.

  • Rescued and OEM manufacturing operation struggling with declining employee motivation, poor process flow and escalation rework inventory at 34% of work in process. Initiated multiple process improvements for work instructions, tooling and testing, creating a visual factory.
  • Tapped to lead development of Worldwide Service Strategy and rolled out the new initiative in the Netherlands in February 2006. Established standard quality metrics such as value stream mapping (VSM), Employee training and technical protocols for service upgrades and bulletins that improved communication and instrument repair services worldwide.
  • Initiated physical inventory of MRB Material, which included $5.3 million of unused inventory and potential scrap. Implemented controls for inventory management, created teams to rework inventory and worked with suppliers to resolve issues.
  • Established compliant controls on inventory supporting Sarbanes-Oxley. Created more of a can-do attitude among employees.


  • Sets challenging cross-functional goals that support the organizational goals and strategies.
  • Integrated functional strategies, utilizing business expertise to reach financial and operational objectives.
  • Researched and developed new strategies to achieve company goals and objectives-Deployed resources to reach financial and business


  • Developed plans for managing/retaining talent inside organization and for improving leadership strength.
  • Developed operational functions essential for increasing firm’s productivity such as product promotion and placement – Evaluated and established standards and guideline that were to be followed by all production departments.
  • Monitored company policies and developed new operational procedures for firm in order to increase efficiency.

Managerial Contributions:

  • Managed and supervised firm operations on a daily basis including sales, purchases, supply chains, manufacturing, resourcing, and distribution.
  • Directed areas with multiple functions together with division directors and department managers.
  • Assisted executive manager in planning and executing the annual budget.
  • Coordinated with human resources team in forming and training a cross functional department.


Executive MBA-UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA, Atlanta, GA, (2008)

***This is only the vice president of operations resume sample that we present to you to build it by yourself. Good luck and get the right job soon.

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