Preschool Teacher Job Description Sample

Preschool Teacher Job Description Sample

Preschool Teacher Job Description – They plan lessons and activities that teach children fundamental skills, like motor and language skills. See more.

Preschool or playgroup teachers teach children aged 3 to 5 years. They plan lessons and activities that teach children fundamental skills, such as motor skills and language skills. They also introduce children to routines and schedules, providing them with a safe place to grow and learn, have enough time to play and relax. The preschool teacher job can be pleasurable and hectic, helping children develop essential skills will surely fulfill, but the physical and intellectual activities that it can take to care for children of such age may be arduous

Preschool teachers teach children through stories, teaching the basic principles of child development, such as speech and language, colors, numbers, shapes and stars, fine and motor skills and social skills. They have to monitor the development of children and report this information to parents.

Preschool teacher take care of pupils to have fun, learn, relax and play

Working condition

Generally, preschool teachers work during school hour, some work according to fixed time while those working in a daycare setting can work for the long hour.

Preschool Teacher Job Description – QUALIFICATIONS

Requirements for preschool teachers are largely based on the location of the school, although all countries require the acquisition of early childhood education and training.

  • A Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education or in a related field is required
  • Many require a high school diploma in early childhood education.
  • Patience: Small children can be loud, emotional, and outrageous. Preschool teacher must have patience with young children who have a hard time publishing themselves or need a lot of learning skills.
  • Skills: Good writing and speaking skills help pre-school teachers to communicate with parents and other teachers and promote the development of children.
  • Creativity: Keeping young children at ease requires creativity. Teachers from schoolchildren need to think about new and innovative ways to learn the children.
  • Instructional Skills: The ability to communicate difficult concepts to children in a way that they understand is crucial.

Preschool Teacher Job Description –  Responsibilities

  • Develop activities for stimulating children.
  • Set classes and procedures inside and outside the classroom.
  • Find out about emergency procedures and protocols.
  • Clean and sterilize equipment and toys every day.
  • Continuous monitoring of children.
  • Integrating children with special needs respectfully.
  • Create arts and crafts for kids.
  • Encourage children with statements and hugs.
  • Discuss the children development with parents.
  • Identify the problems and, if necessary, call specialists together.
  • Promote literacy and early education.
  • Organizes and offers tailor-made early childhood education programs for development; plans and applies curricula and education for children.
  • Provides activities and opportunities that help to interest, research and solve problems that are appropriate for the development of children and learning patterns.
  • Plans and prepares the classroom; leads safety and education programs; guides children in the classroom; provides a supportive environment where children can learn and practice appropriate and acceptable individual and group behavior.
  • Communicates with parents and community groups; maintains open and collaborative communication with parents and families, encouraging their participation in the program and supporting the child’s family relationships.
  • Writes and compiles individual assessments of each child’s development; Fills daily supplies, parent and related reports.
  • Participates in the teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate training laboratories, if needed.
  • Participates in scientific programs for improving early childhood teaching methods as needed.
  • Can be instructed and supervised by staff/student staff, trainees and/or volunteers involved in related work; can take part in recruiting volunteers according to the area of activity.
  • Carries out various work-related duties as specified

Preschool Teacher Job Description