Top 22 Resume Examples for Executives

Resume Examples for Executives

Resume Examples for Executives

If you are just graduated with a good academic result and now want to start your career journey, then you need to know about a professional resume which will help you to get the interview call. No matter if you are already in a job and thinking to change the job, you also need to know the techniques of a perfect resume. If you are dropping your resume somewhere, but it is not organized in the right way, there is a good chance that you are not going to get the opportunity to face the interview. So, you need to focus and give enough time to create a standard CV.

What is the Work of an Executive?

Well, the position executive is related to different sections of a company. For example, if you are an IT graduate, you can start as an IT executive. Or if you have a good communication skill you can start as a communication executive etc. In every executive position, you need to a variety of works based on the office demand. A business executive is responsible for running an organization, planning strategies, implementing the policies, communicating with the team members, etc. If the executive is in the management team, then need to work with the team for managing the office.

What are the Requirements for the Executive Position?

As I have mentioned before, an executive has to do several types of works, so it is necessary to have a good communication skill, presentation skill, planning strategies, working with a team, managing team, etc. To join this post, you need a good educational background too. Completion of graduation is must for this post.

How Much Money An Executive Make?

Though the position executive varies with companies but you can expect a handsome wedge for this post. According to the business statistics, a senior official makes up to $166,780 per year. However, if you are a beginner, you can earn up to $ 50,000 annually.

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How to Write a Resume for the Executive Post?

You need to make it professional as much as you can. Mention all your skills in the resume in the right manner so that the employer understands about your qualification. Also, add your educational background and the name of the instate. If you have done your internship somewhere, don’t forget to include in the CV. As you need the computer knowledge for this position, so if you have any training in computer skills, remark it too. For higher positions, companies want an experienced person, so if you have worked before somewhere include the organization name and achievements that you have got in that organization.

Does a Resume Template Help for the Post?

Yes, if you have a resume template, it will be easy for you to create a new resume for any job. This will save your time as you are not going to make it from scratch. Also, everything is organized in a resume template. So, you don’t have to format it. Just read the Executives Resume template and replace the necessary information with yours.

  1. Hotel Manager
  2. Management Consultant
  3. Business Consultant
  4. BPO
  5. Business Analyst
  6. Equity Research Analyst
  7. VP Sales
  8. Account Executive
  9. Program Manager
  10. Sales Executive
  11. Operations Manager
  12. Interesting Project Manager
  13. Vice Present of Operations
  14. Marketing Executive
  15. General Manager
  16. Marketing Director
  17. Bank Manager
  18. Human Resources Executive (HR)
  19. HR Assistant
  20. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  21. CEO
  22. Business Development Manager

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