Public Relations Specialist Resume Sample

Here is a sample of public relations specialist resume – Feel free to copy-paste and adapt it to build your resume to apply for the job you want. The following resume template can be also utilized for an entry level public relations and a PR executive.

Responsibilities of Public Relation Specialist 

A public relation specialist is also known as communications specialist or media specialist represents clients aiming to build and maintain a positive relationship with the public or establishing a good public image. It is believed that an organization’s reputation, profitability, and continued existence depend on the public acceptance and support to their goals and policies.

The public relations specialist must have multitasking capabilities due to the wide coverage of his job responsibilities.

  • Provide information to media as requested
  • Establish and maintain cooperative relationships with representatives of community, consumer and other public interest groups
  • Arrange public appearance, lectures, contests and exhibits for clients to increase product and service awareness while promoting goodwill,
  • Prepare promotional campaigns in all types of media including organizational publications for internal and external audiences such as employee newsletters and stockholder’s report
  • Consult with other advertising agencies to arrange promotional campaigns and policies
  • Coach client representatives in effective communication with the public and employees.

Skills List of Public Relations Specialist

A career in PR takes more than a good degree. To be successful you need to be an all-rounder with skills in everything from research and communication to writing and creativity. Here are the top skills a PR must possess:

  • Writing skills
  • International mindset
  • Research skills
  • Creativity
  • Pro-activeness
  • Media relations
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong communication abilities
  • Organizational skills
  • Versatility
  • Creativity and sales skills
  • Resilience

Public Relations Specialist Resume

Natti Nat
[Street, City, State, Zip] | [Phone] [Email Address]


Accomplished Public Relations Specialist with 10 years experience effectively promoting and enhancing robust community relations programs and maintaining active and positive relationships with businesses, non-profit organizations and the community.


  • Branding expert
  • Print media expertise
  • Media relations
  • Advertising executive
  • Strategic management
  • Talented public speaker
  • Event planning
  • Meticulous editor


ABC Co., Ltd., Toronto (2015 – Present)
Public Relations Specialist

  • Direct planned and organize seminars, meetings and retreats.
  • Create messages, position statements and other corporate communications based on company’s objectives.
  • Raise brand awareness through consistent marketing efforts and product campaign launches.
  • Develop innovative marketing and PR strategies.
  • Deal with inquiries from the public, the press, and related organisations.
  • Organize promotional events such as press conferences, open days, exhibitions, tours and visits.
  • Speak publicly at interviews, press conferences and presentations.
  • Provide clients with information about new promotional opportunities and current PR campaigns progress.
  • Commission or undertake relevant market research.
  • Liaise with clients, managerial and journalistic staff about budgets, timescales and objectives.

ABC Co., Ltd., Ohio (2010 – 2012)
Public Relations Specialist

  • Conducted market analysis and monitored competitive activity.
  • Designed and implemented strategic business plan objectives.
  • Leveraged technical resources to design and create campaign deliverable, including e-mail invitations, articles and marketing videos.
  • Consulted with advertising agencies to arrange promotional campaigns in all types of media.
  • Managed all internal, external and crisis communications.
  • Achieved company objectives by leveraging internal resources and collaborating with colleagues.


MBA Marketing, 2006
University of Ohio Ohio

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