Public Relations Specialist Job Description Sample

Public Relations Specialist Job Description Sample

Public relations specialist job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

Public Relations Specialist is a person who deals with the relations and activities of the government or any popular organization and person and how these things are portrayed to the public and people. Such a person deals with the public image of the organizations and the celebrities to make sure that only the good and better things are getting to the people and the positive image and respect are created.

Such a person makes press releases, drafts, videos, documents, and images from the organizations and celebrities to the public. Such things keep these people in close relation with the print and media, magazines, books, and social media. Public Relations Specialist Job Description is a very professional job and the person who is doing such a job should have a valid degree. They have to deliver the speeches, have to handle the press releases, attend meetings and write columns as well. Public Relations Specialists are a sort of advertisers who do this job for the government, religious and political organizations, educational institutions, and celebrities as well.

Here is a Public Relations Specialist Job Description that you can follow if you are looking to hire a public relations specialist.

Public Relations Specialist Job Description Sample

Position: Public Relations Specialist

Degree: Masters in Journalism, mass communication or media

Working conditions: Has to work from office and occasionally travel as well


  • Have experience as a PR specialist for at least 5 years with a master’s degree in any of the relevant field
  • Should have excellent verbal and written skills
  • Should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Should be able to handle the pressure and should be able to make decisions as well
  • Should have excellent managerial and organizational skills
  • Should be able to recruit the young PR trainees as well

Key responsibilities:

We at WomanCare Organization Ltd. are looking for a Public Relations Specialist who can work for our organization which is an NGO. Our main aim is to propagate the self-care and rights in women of the underprivileged areas. As a PR specialist, we want a person who can work with our marketing and advertising team to propagate our agenda for the welfare of women. As a PR specialist, his main duties will be to organize the press releases, speeches, and conferences for the propagation and expansion of the organization’s ideas and visions.

As per required, we need a person who has a valid degree in journalism, communication or Mass media to deal with the technical issues of the job. As the job requires interaction with the public and the media personnel, it is essential that the candidate must have excellent communication skills. He should be a very organized and managerial person who can deal with the pressure as well. He might have to travel occasionally as well.

If you think you have all the qualities that are required to do this job, do apply for it. We are looking for a very motivated and enthusiastic individual to work for our company.

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