Marketing Consultant Job Description Sample

Marketing consultant job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

Every company needs a person who knows how to handle the advertising of the company to gain wider interests and goals in favor of the company. A marketing team is an integral part of every company. This team deals with the advertising of the product to get more sales and attract more audience or customers.

The person who can do this job is the marketing consultant. He knows how to handle the press, media, and the marketing team. He acts as a bridge between the two. Every company needs a person like this. So it is essential to have all the necessary degrees and skills before trying to persuade for any job like this. It is a very creative and time taking job so one who is willing to do that job should have the patience and time to do that. Moreover, a marketing consultant should have excellent presentation skills to persuade the clients with his ideas and creativity. Scroll through the sample given below to have a better idea about this job

Sample Marketing Consultant Job Description

Position: Marketing Consultant

Degree: Masters in Marketing, PR or Business Administration

Working conditions: Has to work from office and has to travel a lot as well


  • Must have an experience of 10 years as a marketing consultant for a well-reputed company
  • Must have a degree in PR or marketing
  • Must be able to communicate well with the national and international clients
  • Must have excellent managerial and organizational skills
  • Must be proficient in Computer operations
  • Must be able to deal with the pressure situations
  • Must have capabilities to make decision in crucial situations
  • Must have interpersonal skills as well to deal with the customers
  • Must have presentation skills as well

Key responsibilities:

We are looking to hire a marketing consultant for our company named as SoftTech Advertisers Ltd. As the name indicates, we are an advertising company and we need a marketing consultant for our team. We are looking for a person who has a valid degree in marketing so that he can handle our marketing stuff. We work for different international companies, plan their marketing strategies, invest in their strategies and try to earn using these skills.

We need a person who can make these strategies using his new skills and ideas. A person with excellent communication skills is required to handle the clients. He should be able to deal with the pressure situation and make tough decisions when required.

He should be able to analyze the marketing strategies and should be able to make ones that are budget friendly as well. Having an idea about the budget is an essential thing to do this job. He should be able to lead the team and should be able to collaborate with the marketing and advertising departments.

If you think you have all the abilities to do this job, you can apply for it as we are looking to hire a very motivated and skillful individual for this job at our company.

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