MBA Job Description Sample

Appealing MBA Job Description Sample

MBA job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

Every company requires a person who ensures the smooth flow of company’s administrative and managerial services and these services are provided by an expert who has a degree in the related field. The degree required for this type of job is an MBA degree. The main aim of hiring an MBA graduate is to gain high-level professional services in the fields of marketing, advertising, management, and administration. An MBA graduate makes sure that the company’s staff is well communicated and is goal oriented as well. If you are hiring an MBA Graduate for any purpose such as a product manager for your company, the job description should be clear and should entitle all the responsibilities he has to take in order to do the job. You can follow the sample given below that is for the job of an MBA product manager for a company. Scroll through it.

MBA Job Description Sample

Job Description for a Product Manager

Position: Product manager

Degree: MBA with Bachelors in Marketing and Commerce

Working conditions: Mostly office work but sometimes requires traveling and staying overnight


  • MBA degree with 3-7 years of working experience in a marketing company
  • Excellent analytical and management skills
  • Proficiency in handling Word and Excel
  • Have strong communication skills
  • Should be goal oriented and able to meet the deadline

Key responsibilities:

We are looking for an MBA graduate who will be working as a product manager for our company named Aromatics Ltd. We are looking for a person who has an experience of 3-7 years in marketing and especially in the perfume industry. The key requirements of this job are:

  • Develop and recruit a team of professional who can work as a unit for the manufacturing and sale of the product
  • Engages meetings between management team and the R&D team to ensure the smooth flow of work within the company
  • Keeps a keen eye in the changing trends and engage new ideas in the marketing strategy
  • Keeps a keen eye on the GDP reports and Quality assurance of the products
  • May require travelling every now and then to the manufacturing units and may have to stay overnight as well.
  • Develops product manufacturing and completion forms to ensure the goals are met
  • Has to work in close association with Product Director in order to discuss the product development and management strategies
  • Develops plan for the inventory control and advertisement strategies based on seasonal events
  • Analyze the need for the new products
  • Has strong decision-making skills and should be able to handle the pressure in critical situations

The individual should be able to engage himself in the working environment of the company. He has to deal with the marketing heads and representatives all the time so excellent communication skills are needed on his behalf. He will be able to share responsibilities with the higher authorities so he will enjoy a good time while working in the company. The details are simple and easy to follow so do respond you are capable.

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