IT Project Manager Job Description Sample

IT Project Manager Job Description Sample

IT project manager job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

This role requires the IT project manager to be responsible for supervision, management, and organization of network and server infrastructure in all departments within the organization, as well as providing support to the telecommunication infrastructure of the company.

If you are looking to become an information technology project manager, you should be aware that the managing, planning and initiating plans for information technology projects. You’ll be leading and guiding all the works and activities of technical staffs as well as ensuring they are devoted to their activities in the organization for its betterment. During the course of being an IT project manager, you’ll have to devise plans and forecast possible outcomes during each stage of implementing a plan to make sure standards, deadline and organizational goals are met.

An information technology project manager like every other manager in the organization is meant to consider the needs of every client and to reduce business implications in the organization. With further experience and training, you might be opportune to evolve into more specialized roles such as becoming a freelance consultant, cyber security, operations management or a trainer.

Also, you might be required to travel to places to meet with clients in person or their representatives and your working hours would be the standard working hours, but there will be certain days or weeks that you’ll have to work extra hours to meet your targets and goals.

Furthermore, monitoring how far information technology projects have gone depends on you, and you have to identify and note the resources that would be needed during the projects to achieve an outstanding result.

IT Project Manager Job Description Sample

Position: IT Project Manager

Degree: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, project management etc.

Working conditions: most working hours would be spent in the office, computer laboratories and traveling to places few times.


  • A Bachelor’s Degree or a postgraduate degree in Computer Science, Information, and Technology, project management or any other relevant field.
  • Having a CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) certificate which designates professionals in IT with higher level knowledge and security skills is also a plus.
  • Years of experience as an IT professional and supervisory experience in IT department.
  • Excellent computer, written and oral skills.
  • Able to vividly translate technical languages to simpler languages when explaining technical concepts to audiences.
  • Experience in the usage of software relating to project management.
  • Must be creative, innovative and should have good management skills.
  • Must have good leadership ability as you’ll be guiding, supervising and assigning duties to project personnel.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Finding out the needs of the clients and minimizing the likeliness of encountering huge risks.
  • Making use of project management software to design and resource stages.
  • Providing solutions to problems and modifying plans that don’t seem feasible anymore.
  • Provision of training of the new products available to clients.
  • Responsible for making sure development from an old system to a new system is a smooth one and doesn’t cause problems for clients.
  • Develop programs to confirm customer satisfaction.
  • Guiding the members of the team and keeping directors and other executives up-to-date on progress.
  • Organize recruitment of new project personnel.
  • Gathering, analyzing and summarizing data and information.
  • Management of yearly budgets available for information technology projects.

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