Entry Level Office Assistant Resume Sample

Here is a sample of entry level office assistant resume – Feel free to copy-paste and adapt it to build your resume to apply for the job you want. The following resume template can be also utilized for an office assistant, administrative assistant, and office staff.


An entry-level office assistant carries out support duties necessary for business operations. He is responsible for secretarial and administrative assistance in the office. His area of specialty would include but is not limited to; answering phone calls, checking emails, and letters from clients and business associates. Such an office assistant would likewise need to do the necessary greeting and attending to visitors. The holder of such an office will be in charge of taking photocopies of business documents and the sending and retrieving of faxes. Beyond the ones highlighted above, the office assistant will also be responsible for the distribution of official messages and notifications to other employees in the office, perform data entry and complete assignments given by superiors.

As can be inferred from what has been said, possessing a great deal of interpersonal skill, and having the capacity to function professionally even under strained conditions would go a long way in standing you out from others who are just qualifications based. However, should you be short of experience (which you can settle by serving as an intern for potential employers), your interpersonal skill would go a long way in compensating for your little or no experience.

Here are a few tips you could use in writing your resume, for the post of an entry level office assistant:

Create a detailed list of every assignment that you perform on the job, starting with the most important and ending with the least important. Outline them in a hierarchy by order of importance. This will pass a message of orderliness to potential employers, thus improving the chances of you being handpicked for the position.

Let your concentration be on your best skills, not weak job titles. However, should you feel that you seem to be giving off a sense of exaggeration while describing your skills, it is advisable to caution yourself about what you put, and ensure you do not stray from the relevant skills when giving details. You could further remind yourself that you have handled tasks similar to the position you’re applying for. Hence there can be no room for mistake in detailing out your skills. Don’t short-change yourself.

Furthermore, be sure to make use of powerful, self-promoting language, such that your resume would not go unnoticed before the screening panel. Making use of such powerful language in describing yourself and your skill would no doubt leave employers in deep interest as regards your worth to the organization you intend to work in.

Entry Level Office Assistant Resume Example with No Experience

Full Name
[Address and Contact Info]

Career Objective:

  • To secure the position of an entry-level office assistant at “G-Life Corp.,” and provide the required secretarial and administrative assistance for the efficient running of the office.

Skills Summary:

  • Efficient organizational and structural skills
  • Excellent knowledge of business operations and office functions
  • Proficient in verbal and written communication
  • Ability to solve problems on my own and handle tasks efficiently
  • Proficient in multitasking and meticulous in data analysis

Work Experience:

Trainee Office Assistant
Ozone Corp, West coast, WC
February 2012 – till date

  • Attending to phone calls and redirecting them to respective destinations.
  • Attending to visitors and clients, cheerfully guiding them through the corporation.
  • Sorting out and preparing the mails and faxes for distribution.


College Certificate
Bayville College, West coast, WC


  • Shall be made available on request.

***This is only the entry level office assistant resume that we present to you to build it by yourself. Good luck and get the right job soon.