Office Assistant Job Description Sample

Office Assistant Job Description Sample

Office assistant job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

Everyone needs a person in an office who could be of help in the times of emergency and pressure. Such a person works with all the members of the office, serves them with his skills at the major and minor levels and assists the office executives sometimes as well. Such a person is named as an office assistant. His job is to cover all the vacant areas of the office making sure that everybody is doing fine and nobody needs any help. His job requires him to be active and fast all the time. No matter how hard the job is, he has to find tools and ways to assist the person who is doing it. As an office assistant, you need to have clerical and managerial skills to do your duties effectively. Besides this, knowledge of the computer and processing of the office’s work wouldn’t be a bad option either.

If you are looking to hire someone for this post, make sure that he has all the relevant skills and has the patience that allows him to work with the office’s members at the same time. You can follow the sample of the office assistant job description given below if you are looking to hire an office assistant.

Office Assistant Job Description Sample

Position: Office assistant

Degree: High school degree

Working conditions: Mostly office work


  • High school degree with an experience of at least 6 months as an office assistant
  • Highly active and cooperating
  • Has communication and interpersonal skills
  • Good at handling clients on telephones
  • Have knowledge about the computers including keeping a record of the accounts and inventory
  • Can work in close association with the senior officers and executives and fulfill their orders.

Key responsibilities:

We are looking for an office assistant at our office known as Shopping Solutions Ltd. As the name indicates, our company is a Superstore based company and we are looking to hire someone who knows a little about our work. As an office assistant, we want to hire a young and enthusiastic individual who can work with the office staff of our company, keeping a track of the goods being sold, keeping a track of the inventory, keeping an eye on the accounts, and filing daily based entries into the system.

As the job is of clerical type, the person has to run errands for the senior executives of the company. He should be able to work in close association with the HR in order to hire and recruit new staff. He will be responsible to answer all the calls so he should have excellent verbal and communication skills. He should be able to maintain and retrieve the documents whenever required.

As an office assistant, he should have a good typing speed to fill in the forms and documents quickly. If you think you can cope up with the job and its requirements, do apply for this job as we are looking to hire motivated and enthusiastic individuals.