Camp Counselor Job Description Sample

Camp Counselor Job Description

In the summer or in any other seasons, children groups go for outdoor activities which are known as camp. This can be a day camp or for a particular day. For leading and ensuring the safety of the children group, there is need of a camp counselor. The camp counselor also needs to do some other essential tasks for the people of the camp. This is a demanding job in the summer season. In most of the region, students go for outdoor activities and camping. Without a camp counselor, it is not possible to keep everything smooth as we want.

The primary task of the camp counselor is to design the schedule for the children. He also needs to set up the daily activities for the children. The tasks for the children can be most common activities. Typically the camp counselor designs regular schedules of activities, such as swimming, hiking, cycling, kayaking, and camping. During these activities, the counselor is also responsible for ensuring the safety of the children. The counselor will give the instructions to the children how to keep safe themselves in any unusual situations.

To be a camp counselor, there is no need for any particular degree. A high school diploma is enough. But experience in the related field is a must. Also, he should have excellent communication skills to collaborate with the teachers and camp director to keep the process smooth.

Camp Counselor Job Description Sample:

Position: Camp counselor for the Scholl

Degree: High School diploma with training on camping

Work Conditions: Has to work and coordinate with the teachers and camp directors


  • Must have at least one year experience in related field
  • Diploma in fitness science will get preference
  • Should be able to plan the daily activities for the camp
  • Excellent knowledge of self-safety and first aid
  • Must have excellent communication skills to coordinate with the authority and children
  • Should be able to handle the children and keep contact with the parents

Key responsibilities:

For the position of camp counselor, we are looking for a person who has already worked in the similar field. Educational qualification is not mandatory if you have excellent experience as a camp counselor. A high school diploma will be an advantage.

Your main task will be preparing the activities plan and leading the children based on the plan. You may need to design the method based on the instruction of the camp director. You may also work from scratch according to your expertise.

During different activities in the camp, you need to ensure the safety of the children. You may also need to train the children for basic self-safety. If necessary, you have to provide the first aid service to the children.

You must have a good manner to keep the children happy during the camp. You may also need to work with individual children if necessary.

You will be offered an excellent salary package with additional benefits. For overtime, you will get the additional payment.

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