Relationship Manager Job Description Sample

Relationship manager ob description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

Feeling bad because you weren’t able to pursue a career in finance or accounting and you think there is no other way around it? I, at this moment, welcome you to the world of becoming a relationship manager. I hear you mumbling “relationship manager? What’s that?” you’ll get all the details, and fine points of what being a relationship manager are all about in this straightforward job description.

In a financial or banking sector, one of the key roles of being a relationship manager is that you’ll be responsible for advising clients and help them make the right decisions concerning their accounts and also enlighten them on financial services which are available for their benefits. Therefore, your activities revolve around discovering your clients’ wants and needs and helping them reach their goals.

Furthermore, you will be expected to pinpoint promising sales opportunities and generate a new source of revenue for the organization you work for, achieving this would add to your credibility and may increase your chances of getting bonuses and promotions.

A relationship manager must always be aware of recent developments on products to ensure the organization makes more earnings and clients are also being satisfied at the same time. From time to time, you should know you have to organize client satisfaction surveys to know how well your clients are doing and to be aware of the aspects that call for growth and progress.

Relationship Manager Job Description Sample

Position: Relationship Manager

Degree: A degree in accounting, finance or a Certificate in Financial Planning.

Working conditions: working in an office during work hours.


  • Must possess at least a minimum of 5 credits in GCSEs.
  • A degree in any relevant subject such as accounting, finance, and business studies are considered as an added advantage.
  • Required to have either a Certificate in Financial Planning (CII) or a Certificate for Financial Advisers, as it is a prerequisite for being qualified to give financial advice.
  • Good mathematics and IT skills.
  • Excellent communication and listening skills.
  • Some years of working experiences within a financial sector and an organized attitude towards work.
  • You are required to have an insight on banking regulations and procedures.
  • Good skills in negotiations and sales.
  • Effective interpersonal skills and ability to build a strong relationship with clients.

Key Responsibilities:

  • You’ll be responsible for analyzing data and making research on information from time to time.
  • As a relationship manager, you must be put in mind the interests of your clients and develop an ability to break down complex information into simpler bits.
  • You’ll be responsible for arranging meetings with new clients as well as old clients, to develop a bond with existing accounts.
  • You have a duty to research the up-to-date products and their regulations.
  • To look for recent sales opportunities and alert the sales team.
  • To conduct business reviews to make sure services and products offered to clients are satisfactory.
  • To work diligently with sales consultants and account managers in the organization.
  • You have to create good interactions with the departments in the organization to make sure the needs of clients are met.

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