Receptionist Job Description Sample

Receptionist Job Description Sample

Receptionist job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

Some organization needs receptionist due to a number of factors. If the organization is fairly large, then a receptionist would be required to cover numbers of tasks. Is  somebody taking an office or administrative   position in a company.  A receptionist is the first business contact a person meets at any organization.

Duties of a Receptionist

*Receives telephone calls – This would involve speaking of to a range of people such as clients, co-workers, stakeholders and the public. The receptionist would have to be up to date with the company policies in order to be able to respond effectively to each unique phone call. Sometimes the phone call might just be the receptionist to put the call through to a colleague within the office and there are times when the caller needs information regarding the company.

*Attend to visitors: – Most organizations have waiting areas where visitors are received and asked to wait for the person they come to see. The receptionist would sometimes have an advance   knowledge of the person who are coming in because his/her colleagues within the organization would have passed thaeries.t information on. The receptionist would also receive people who have come into the office for the first time and who do not have appointments. These people would first be seen by the receptionist .and depending on the nature of the visit, would either assist with the query or get someone qualified to do attend the visitor.

*deal with queries – The role of the receptionist also involves dealing with queries. As previously mentioned, the receptionist is someone who would not be current with the company policies in order to be able to assist queries

*Typing skills – A receptionist is generally expected to have some typing skills in order to send e- mails and massages within and outside the company. Some   are also given the responsibility of typing documents such as letters.

*Ability to deal with situations – They are times when the receptionist has to deal with people who are difficult either over the phone or in person. A trained receptionist would know how to defuse the situation in order to get the person calm down.

*Data entry – if the company where the receptionist   works deals with data entry, then she may be required to be conversant with using the system.

*Pleasant personality – This may not be the job description but a one of the qualities. A receptionist with a pleasant   personality will always find that they get things done easily and faster than a grumpy receptionist. People can normally tell when they speaking to someone with a pleasant voice and this normally makes   the conversation flow easier especially if the person on the other side of the call is a bit nervous or even angry.

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