Brand Manager Job Description Sample

Brand manager job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

As our society is becoming more and more conscious about the stuff they eat and the stuff they wear, it is essential for every brand to hire someone who can communicate and target the customers for the brand. Whether it is a clothing brand or an eatery, they look to hire someone who can attract a large number of customers. Excellent advertising and promotional skills are required to do this job effectively.

Creativity is the thing that is the driving force of such a job. The brand manager must have strong analytical, organizational and managerial skills. He should have a clear cut idea about the promotional and advertising strategies. He should be able to target the relative audience with his ideas and promotions. He should have a clear vision and must be goal oriented.

If you are looking to hire a brand manager, scroll through this sample to have a better idea of the job and the skills that are required in order to do this job effectively.

Brand Manager Job Description Sample

Position: Brand Manager

Degree: Masters in Marketing and Business Administration

Working conditions: Has to work from office and has to travel a lot as well


  • Must have an experience of 3 years as a brand manager for a well-reputed brand
  • Must have a degree in Business Administration or marketing
  • Must be able to communicate well with the press and the clients
  • Must have excellent managerial, creative, and organizational skills
  • Must be proficient in Computer operations and MS office
  • Must be able to handle the crucial situations and must have excellent presentation skills
  • Must have excellent decision-making skills in pressure circumstances
  • Must have interpersonal skills as well to deal the customers

Key responsibilities:

We at FitRight Ltd. are looking to hire a brand manager for our company. We are a clothing brand for women and men. We deal in all kinds of clothing from western formal to casual wears. As our main aim is to propagate our brand, we are looking to hire a person who knows how to do the promotional and marketing strategies. We want a person who can deal with the clients and the customers at the same time.

He should have excellent communication skills so that he can talk with the clients and promote the brand. He should have excellent knowledge about the print and social media in order to do the advertising and the promotions more effectively. A more creative individual will be able to do this job more efficiently. He has to be a team leader in order to get the advertising and marketing teams work in collaboration with him.

Having strong interpersonal skills and decision-making abilities are also a plus point for this job. We are looking for a person who is not only motivated and skillful but enthusiastic about the job as well. If you think you have all the capabilities and credentials to do this job, you can apply for it using our email address.

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