Freelance Translator Job Description Sample

For different official works, some organizations may need a translator. The translator will translate the whole audio or a written script into the second language according to the needs of the organization. The translator needs to be specialist in the second language. Additionally, Translators often specialize in a particular topic, such as finance, law, literature, or technology. This is required to work in different spares of translation. Though the main work of the translator is to convert a speech or document to another language, sometimes he/she may also need to do some other tasks for the organizations where he/she are working.

Based on the type of the agency or organization, the translator may need to translate a document, and they type the report in the second language. Sometimes the person only needs to read a document to understand and get the main point of view; then he writes a summary on the topic. If necessary, he may use some other references with the translation. After the completion of the work, he/she needs to proofread to ensure there are no errors in the document.

For starting as a translator, the person needs to be graduated in language or any other related subject. If the person doesn’t have a degree related to language, he/she needs experience in the similar field. Translators most often get paid hourly basis. Some organizations may offer a fixed salary.

Freelance Translator Job Description

Position: Translator for Spanish to English

Degree: Bachelors in Related Subject

Working Conditions: Has to work with lots of stuff and handle all the documents

Freelance Translator Job Description – Qualifications:

  • Must have the sound knowledge of translating works
  • Should have at least 1-year experience in the similar field
  • Should have the experience in writing and editing in both language
  • Ability to finding grammatical errors in both languages
  • Excellent organizational and computer skills
  • Should be able to work under pressure

Freelance Translator Job DescriptionKey responsibilities:

We are looking for a person who has an excellent command of both English and Spanish. We have tons of translating works. There are both documents and audios in Spanish. You need to do the translating task for our organization. Most of the jobs are from advanced level. So, don’t apply if you are at the basic level of the language.

Sometimes you may need to find the translation and then write the document on the computer. Also, we need to find only the summary of some materials. So, you need to understand the speech of the document clearly to write the review.

Most of our documents are related to law and technology. So, you must have the basic concept of different technical and legal terms in both languages.

We receive different documents each week in the Spanish language. So, you need to finish the translating works within the week. We are highly concern about the time frame. You need to adjust with our schedule for work.

The appropriate candidate will get an attractive salary package with additional benefits. For experienced workers, the salary range will be high.

Freelance Translator Job Description