Online Internet Marketing Manager Job Description

Online internet marketing manager job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

Every organization that understands how valuable an online internet manager is would hardly say “no” to having one on their payroll. Why is that so? Considering the rate of internet use these days, most marketing organizations have evolved from using the quite “old fashioned” billboard method to advertise their products, I mean, they don’t depend on that alone anymore. So, they employ an online internet marketing manager to build online strategies to make more sales and boost the revenue of the organization within a given period.

The online internet marketing manager is one of the vital people in an organization holding a responsibility of making sure the success of a specific product, be it a new or an existing product. This individual takes part in organizing and leading internet advertisement campaigns and improvises the navigations of the company’s websites to make it easier for people to use without breaking a sweat. You should also make sure the members of the marketing team are diligent, and they carry out all their activities flawlessly with the aim of reaching the organizational goals and generating maximum revenue for the company.

This position of an online internet marketing manager requires the holder to manage multiple tasks at a time, for instance- managing all the various phases of online marketing strategies, overseeing the advertisement campaigns, formulating an excellent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with great content to draw in new customers and more revenues, coordinating the SEO programs to guarantee that the company’s sites are rated high for the relevant set of keywords etc. Hence, for obvious reasons, it is safe to say an online internet marketing manager plays a very crucial role in contributing to the success of an organization.

Online Internet Marketing Manager Job Description Sample

Position: Online Internet Marketing Manager

Degree: Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, marketing or communications.

Working conditions: most working hours would be spent in the office or work at home.


  • An individual should possess a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, marketing, communications or a degree in any other relevant subject.
  • Certificates in online marketing or a relevant course are considered as an advantage.
  • Some years of work experience would give an upper hand during application.
  • Strong ability to carry out research, and work effectively within a period without full supervision.
  • Ability to build and maintain a solid relationship with new and existing clients.
  • Excellent IT skills and in-depth knowledge of online media.
  • Should be creative and have great entrepreneurial spirit.

Key responsibilities:

  • You’ll be responsible for gaining new clients and must be able to keep the old ones.
  • You’ll be involved in estimating and tracking marketing initiatives.
  • Instructions given by the marketing director must be worked upon and should also be able to provide full support towards the marketing objectives.
  • Responsible for carrying out tests regularly to boost the outcome of the revenue goals set by the organization.
  • To monitor the operational metrics like the performance of the sites, traffics, sales figures, rankings, etc. and to report them afterward.
  • Responsible for identifying marketing opportunities.
  • You’ll be responsible for the management of the assigned budgets for online marketing.
  • Must develop the navigation of the site to provide easy accessibility for site visitors.

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