Mechanical Engineer Job Description Sample

Mechanical engineer job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business.

Mechanical engineers are professionals who have far-reaching duties to perform both in people’s homes and corporate outfits. This specialty is very wide in nature. A mechanical engineer carries out groundworks, make designs, build, construct, and test run mechanical and thermal appliances as apparatus, machines, and engines.

Mechanical engineers are mainly found in manufacturing companies, development and research, firms that engage in architecture and that provide engineering work.

Some of the most common places where professionals in this discipline can be employed are firms where machines are manufactured; companies that operate with a computer and manufacture electronic products; manufacturers/producers of metal products and manufacturers of transportation equipment. Others can work in their all-purpose machinery sections where they manufacture automotive parts and laboratories where testing is done.

Mechanical engineers also produce machines that generate electricity such as electric generators, engines specially made for internal combustion, turbines made to release steam and gas. Furthermore, they produce machines and systems that use electricity like refrigerators and air-conditions. Mechanical engineers also construct mobility machines used inside buildings, such as escalators and elevators.

Mechanical engineers are not exempted from making use of computer systems. Through the use of computers, they will be able to start the theoretical creations and analysis of their designs, test imitations of their inventions and test the best working formula for the machine, and initiate specifications for each component.

Mechanical Engineer Job Description Sample

Position: Mechanical Engineers

Working Condition: Has to work in an office setting and worksite.

Degree: Mechanical engineers need a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or mechanical engineering technology. Degree in mathematics and life and physical sciences, as well as engineering and design courses.


  • Must be very creative because you will need to construct and design compounded components of equipment and machine parts. Without being creative, it may be difficult to qualify for this post.
  • Must possess an effective listening skill. This is very important because as a mechanical engineer, you won’t be working alone. You will be required to work on projects with other engineers and professionals like architects. Therefore, listening skills will make working with them easier and together, you can join them to analyze different angles to work in progress.
  • Ample knowledge and skills in Mathematics is highly recommended. As a mechanical engineer, you must be familiar with the formulas of trigonometry, calculus and other complex topics in maths for designing, analysis, and troubleshooting aspects of your work.
  • Basic mechanical skills are very vital because mechanical knowledge will make you apply important concepts and ideas in engineering and mechanical processes whenever you are asked to design new devices.
  • Must possess flawless problem-solving skills which will enable you to make scientific findings and apply your discoveries to manufacture good products that will benefit the firms, the citizens, and governments.

Key responsibilities

  • Required to analyze problems to see ways that mechanical and thermal tools can be utilized to aid problems solving.
  • Required to design or recreate mechanical and thermal tools by making use of analysis and computer-based design.
  • Create and evaluate prototypes of devices they design.
  • Examine the outcome of the inspection and alter the design according to its requirements.
  • Supervise the manufacturing procedures of the new device.
  • Responsible for manufacturing and supervising the production of several products such as medical tools to new batteries.
  • Responsible for the designs and building of automated transfer stations and conveyors.